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Tips for Shooting Your First Wedding

Jun 11, 2018


First timer or not, the moment you are asked to film a wedding, you would still feel anxious about it. It is the natural instinct of a human person to safeguard himself when he is about to face a situation that is either entirely new to him or something that he isn't used to doing often. 


According to psychology, people are wired to guard themselves for situations that they are not familiar with. The fear of not getting it right can be pretty overwhelming. Whatever emotions you are feeling right now, know that everyone goes through the same thing. After all, wedding shoots are quite different from other types of shooting. In all other types of shooting, you are entitled to "take twos". You don't have that luxury when you do wedding shoots. You have to capture the moments. There is no playback. A moment not captured is a moment lost forever in memorabilia. Bridal photography needs to be precise and thus, demands a lot from the videographer.


But no matter the difficulty of shooting a wedding, you will be able to overcome the struggle with these time-tested tips coming from the biggest experts in the wedding cinematography industry. 

1. Experience is the best teacher

This sounds a bit cliche, but it's actually true. If you want to start shooting wedding events then you need firsthand experience. Shooting your first wedding doesn't always mean that you need to be the main videographer at the site. To increase your chance of getting an actual wedding gig, you need to gain experience.


Perhaps you can look for a wedding videographer and offer to be his assistant for a few gigs. Of course, you will do this for free, but it is actually a win-win situation for the both of you. The videographer would love the thought of getting an extra hand for free. You, on the other hand, will get the firsthand experience that you need to get started with your wedding shooting career. 

2. Know your cost

Let's say that you already took the long route and managed to grab an opportunity with an already established videographer. What followed was a consistent stream of clients.  With this in mind, it is important for you to know your finances. Get the figures of your overhead costs. Find out how much your mark up costs are.


If you want to keep your wedding shooting business running, you need to make sure that you are earning more than you lose. This will allow you to get a quick return on investments. A quick of return on investment empowers you to upgrade your equipment and services. Plus, this would also guide you in picking the right price for your services. 

3. Create a shot list 

Before meeting with your bride client, it is important to have a shot list ready for the specific gig. This shot list could help you create a timeline for the project. When you meet with your client, it is important to already have something in hand for discussion.


Besides,  having a shot list ready will lessen the possibility of you compromising your output. This is to promote a smooth transition on the whole event. 

4. Know client’s requirements and contract

You'll be working within your client's terms. They'll set their expectations while you give out suggestions.


Finally, you decide on the best plan. Put it into writing and have both parties sign it. 

5. Visit the venue

Take a tour of the venue. Familiarize yourself with the place to picture the best angles and perspectives perfect for the wedding.


By visiting the venue, you can also spot problems ahead of time, giving a lot of time to work towards a solution. 

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