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Tips on Picking the Right Destinations for Your Many-Moons

Jun 13, 2018


Having a long vacation for a honeymoon to celebrate the start of the married life of the husband and wife is now a thing of the past. Nowadays, couples are opting to have many-moons instead, which is to have multiple but shorter vacations throughout their first year of marriage to celebrate their life together.

Since couples are now opting for more vacations that are shorter, this also makes changes how they should go about in planning for their honeymoon destinations. They can now plan it for several locations throughout the year!

Though this is actually considered easier to do by a lot of couples, other couples may need help in finding the right destination for their many-moons. This article will try to help solve that problem by providing honeymoon ideas and tips to help couples plan for their many moons.

Finding the Right Honeymoon Destinations

Determine the Budget That You will be Working With


Whether it is for a honeymoon or a many-moon, it all starts with the budget. This is the first thing that the couple should consider when it comes to choosing their perfect honeymoon destination. The beauty with many-moons is that the duration of the vacation is shorter, which means couples have more flexibility when it comes to deciding on where to go.

With a 3 day or 4 days honeymoon, couples will be spending less, even if they want to celebrate outside the country. So setting the budget is the first thing to determine before picking the right destination.

Choose a Destination that Will Require Less Hours of Travel

One honeymoon idea that couples can consider for their many-moons is to choose a location that will require less hours of travel. If they live in the U.S., going to countries on the other side of the planet, like Asian countries, is a thing of the past since it usually takes a day to complete the travel.

For this one, choosing a honeymoon destination that will only take a couple of hours to get there is the ideal scenario. So if the couple lives in the U.S. or Europe, but want to go international, then they need to choose a country that is nearer where they are. The longest time needed for the travel should be at half a day, so they would be able to maximize the time

What Are the Interest of Both Couple


Another honeymoon idea that the couple can consider when choosing the right honeymoon destination is to factor in both their interests. Are they looking to travel for culture or adventure? Do they prefer to be in a city or to commune with nature? Would they prefer the forests and mountains or the sea?

Answering these questions will help the couple to determine the right destination to pick for their many-moons.

Consider the Season

Couples would also need to consider the season they are currently in or the season of their target destination. Is the honeymoon destination they want to go to in summer or winter? What can they do in that destination during that season?

If their chosen destination is in season, can they afford the cost of going there or is it better to go there during the off-season? Answering these questions will also help in determining the right location for their many-moon.

Ask for Suggestions

If the couple is having a hard time deciding on the perfect honeymoon destination, then they can try to ask for suggestions. They can talk to their friends, their colleagues, or family members, especially those who just recently got married, and ask for their advice.

They can also opt to hire a travel agent, especially if their budget permits it. Hiring an agent will make it easier to pick the right place for the many-moon since they usually have a lot of destination ideas that will fit the requirements of the couple.

Choose A Place Where They Will Have Fun

Probably an important honeymoon idea to consider when choosing the destination is to determine if the couple will have fun in their chosen location, even if they will only stay there for a couple of days or a week.

Since the many-moon will be a celebration of the start of the couple’s life together, it is important that their chosen destination will be fun for both of them. They will only be staying for a few days, might as well choose a destination that will be interesting and exciting for the both of them!

So make sure that the chosen destination for the many-moon is something that can provide a fun and wonderful experience. After all, it should be a celebration of the start of married life.

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