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Tips on Playing the Right Wedding Songs for your Wedding Day

May 4, 2018

“Whether played by an outstanding ensemble or soloists, the right wedding songs on your playlist should embody the many layers of emotions experienced ambivalently in the element and mood of every distinct part of the wedding.”


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The music on your wedding day is an aspect that you don’t want to mess up - we can vouch for this one. Whether you already know what music you want on your day or still haunting for ideas, here are some pointers that will help you produce the perfect soundtrack for your special day:

• Pick by heart

Since it’s your special day, have some fun. Anyway, you are entitled to pick the songs, musicians and reception band you’ve always wanted for this day.

• Refer to friends

It’s a smart choice to have friends and family members assess your playlist and offer recommendations from an unbiased point of view.

• Consider the acoustics

The venue is an essential consideration on who and what will be played. String instruments are the best choices for wedding sites with rather minimal noise, while bands on the other hand, are deafening in small, enclosed spaces.


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• Hear the Songs Before Booking
Have the musicians perform a sample piece before the reservation. This is the best way to come into a decision. Though most may send a demo CD, make sure that you find out who’s exactly in the recording and if it fits your requirement.
   • Choose a Theme
You can use a theme to tie your wedding music together. It could be music that are of the same beat, tempo, band, or even era. This will allow you to think of a better flow for your wedding music.
   • Make a Contract
Everything that has been agreed on must be put into writing. This includes the names and contact information of the music providers, specific wedding date and venue; the exact time these musicians are to play and most importantly the total cost minus any deposit already given. Specifics on breaks, attire, and numbers should also be indicated.
   • Back up for safety
Better safe than sorry. Always prepare your cue and backup in case a problem arises.


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