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Tips On Taking The Right Photos For Your Clients

Jun 14, 2018


A wedding is probably one of the most important events in a person’s life, as this is usually a once in a lifetime moment. This is why a lot of couples spend a lot of money in ensuring that their special moment will be captured so they can treasure it for the rest of their lives. Couples want their special moments to not only be remembered through people’s memories but to also capture them with great wedding pics and amazing videos.


Of course, becoming a top photographer is not something that is easy to do (but achievable, of course!).


Now, one way for photographers to establish themselves as a great choice in covering weddings is to be able to take a lot of right photos for their clients. Of course, this is something easier said than done, as covering weddings is not an easy thing to do, even for seasoned photographers but don’t have experience covering weddings.


There are a lot of things that a photographer would need to consider when it comes to taking pictures during a wedding. This article will be providing some tips on how photographers can take the right wedding pics for their clients.

Tips for Taking the Right Wedding Pictures


Talk to the Couple and Ask Questions

Probably one of the most important tips that a photographer would need to do is to talk to the couple and ask them questions. The professional wedding photography service is one of the most important services that a bride and groom will be getting, so as a photographer, it is important to have a sit-down discussion with the couple and talk about what they want for their wedding.


During the discussion, the photographer should inquire about the number of guests, how many wedding pics do the couples want, do they have a preferred list of poses, how many solo couple shots they want, and so on. Photographers would also need to inquire if they will be working with wedding coordinators or make-up artists.

Set the Proper Expectations for the Couple


During the sit-down discussion, it is important for the photographer to also set the proper expectations for the couple. Let them know what packages they will possibly be getting with the budget that they have. Also, show them some work portfolio to give them a glimpse into the kinds of photos that they will be getting during the wedding.

Also, provide a contract agreement that will be signed by the couple and the photographer with regards to the price of the professional wedding photography service and the kind of services they will be getting from it.

Make a Shot List

After the sit-down discussion, the photographer would already have a general idea of what the couple wants for their wedding photos. With this knowledge, it is important for the photographer to make a shot list to help him or her plan ahead on how the specific shots will be captured during the wedding ceremony.


Having a shot list also helps prevent the photographer from not taking important pictures. The couple would definitely not be happy to look at their wedding photos and see that they don’t have a solo picture with the grandparents or other important members of the family.

Scout the Location of the Wedding

Another important tip that photographers would need to do to help them in taking the right wedding pics is to scout ahead the location of the wedding. If the location of the ceremony and the reception is different, then they need to check out both.


Checking the venue, even just one day before the wedding ceremony, will give the photographer an idea of where certain shots would need to take place and how they would need to position themselves to get it right. This will also help them in deciding the needed equipment for certain shots, like will it need more lighting or not. This can also be one way to increase productivity by taking photos because you already know the place.

Make sure to Prepare Everything Needed for the Wedding

Preparation will be the key to ensuring that the photographer will be ready and be able to take the right wedding pics for their clients. A lot of things can happen during the day of the wedding, so it is best for the photographer to be prepared for it.


Make sure all batteries are charged and even bring a fully charged spare one if possible. Also, make sure that all the lenses and memory cards needed in taking the photos are all packed. It is important to also have a backup plan in case the weather doesn’t cooperate. The photographer should also make sure that he or she is aware of the itinerary during the wedding to prepare ahead of time and position themselves to capture the right moments.

It would be better to attend the rehearsal if possible to get the needed information and to have a clear picture of how the ceremony will proceed.

Use Two Cameras and/or Get a Second Photographer

In a big event, it is usually advisable for a photographer to have a second camera ready to lessen the time needed in switching lenses. Some photographers even hire a second photographer to ensure that they will be able to fully cover the event and capture the important moments.


A second photographer also means that the main photographer wouldn’t be moving around the ceremony and can focus more on following the couple and capturing their every moment.

Don’t be Timid in Trying to Get the Right Shot, but Don’t be Obtrusive as Well to Ruin the Ceremony

It is important for the photographer to have the right balance of being bold but also timid to get the right shot to capture the moment. Being too timid can prevent the photographer from capturing the moment properly, so it is important for them to be bold enough to get to the right position.


But it is also important for them not to be too bold that they are already becoming obtrusive and is somehow ruining the ceremony. A balance between the two should be achieved to capture the right moment without ruining the ceremony.

Don’t be Tempted to Check out the Shots and Erase the Mistakes

Using digital camera makes it tempting for photographers to constantly check the photos they took and erase the shots that they consider a mistake. It is important that they try to avoid doing this.


Just keep all the pictures intact, and check them out when they’re already transferred to the computer. In this way, the photographer can really see if the shot is a mistake or it can be remedied.

Remember to Always Have Fun

Yes, the photographer is hired for his or her professional wedding photography service to take great looking wedding pics to capture the couples moments. But it is also important to remember that a wedding is a celebration, so even if it is considered work, the photographer should try to have as well.


Enjoying the celebration will help the photographer relax more, which in turn, will also help him or her take the right shot to capture the moment.

To our wedding professionals, what other tips do you think other photographers should take note when taking the right photos? Share this article and let others know by commenting down below! 
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