Top 10 Must-Do’s Months before Your Wedding

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Before that very special day to come, there are certainly many wedding planning tasks to get over with that you must do months before. Consider this your wedding checklist. This will help you make everything easy, making you remember the important things that you should take note in order to have a successful, memorable wedding. Let's start!

1.       Make sure to make everything legal

Being the first of the many final countdowns in your wedding checklist, you should be able to call ahead and determine how much it would cost and what are the requirements that you need to comply for your wedding day. This is the main thing you need to discuss with your partner before tying the knot.


2.      Meet with people whom you have a transaction with for fine-tuning of all details

Meet your photographer, videographer, caterer, florist, makeup artist, organizer, singer, violinist and the likes to be sure both of you are on the same page. It is truly helpful to run a “request list” from family and friends. You can request for a complete list of wedding group shots that you need to have on your big day or you may ask your florist a final few details they can add for your wedding - it can be for the sweetheart table and have the groomsmen vote for a song that they like for the reception entrance. your call! 

3.      Conduct a run-through for your outfit with the people in your VIP list

Thirds on the wedding checklist is to put all your gown fittings in one day with all the accessories you are planning to wear from top to bottom. This gives you an idea if your look would be enough or you want to do some improvements and changes. Also, we think it's best that you test out your shapewear ahead of time so you could be sure that it is comfortable, from then you would still have a chance of changing it into something better!  After picking up your dress, take it out from the garment bag, place in a well-ventilated room and avoid cooking or smoking as odors would seep into it. 


4.      Prepare and arrange accessories, decor and honeymoon items you will need

Put all of your fashion accessories, reception items, and everything you will need in separate baskets to save your time! Hey, you’ll never know how much it could save you.


5.     Schedule your appointments for hair, makeup and beauty treatments

Perhaps you’ve already had a hair and makeup trial, but of course you will also need to decide who’s preparing with you that day and you need to include this in your wedding checklist. It can be all of your bridesmaids, your mom, a best friend, your maid-of-honor, or other relatives. If you will be preparing with a number of people, it is better to have photo-ready outfits just in case the photographer decides to take candid shots and capture the right moments on your special day! 

6.       Assign seats for everyone

Your partner, your groom squad or your bride tribe could actually help you with this one, and we think that it would be easier for you to manage everything! This is definitely just simple as long as you already have a complete list of all of your guests.


7.      Be ready to accommodate all out-of-town guests and prepare your home or have an early hotel reservation

This can be the biggest task you will need to accomplish on your wedding checklist, but yes you are, in most cases, in-charge of the whole stay of your relatives from the farther part of the town. You can either clean your home for them to stay, or you can have them sleep in a hotel of your choice to make it all easier. 

8.     Have a moment for exchanging a special token of love with your bride/groom

This part of the wedding checklist involves only the two of you. This is the wonderful chance of telling him or letting him know your deepest feelings through many creative ways. You can give “open when” letters for the future, a one-shot long letter, or anything creative you might think of.

9.     Plan out a quality time for yourself and another time for a fun date with your best friends

Months before your wedding, the days on the calendar will definitely be packed with appointments and you will then be busy real time. With that, be sure to include a time for yourself and your best friends on your wedding checklist. You can either have a picnic, a massage together, or you can just do whatever you used to do together before you would finally tie the knot.

10.  Keep in mind that everything will turn out great

Perhaps this should be the most important thing in your wedding checklist aside from other important things you need to discuss with your partner before tying the knotMost couples have said that that the last month before the wedding is definitely the challenging (yet fun!) for them.


 Remember to just repeat all the positive things in your mind, pray that everything will be worth it, and believe that it will all turn out great. 

How is your wedding planning journey so far? Share us your thoughts and tag your groom squad and your bride tribe below! 

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