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Top 10 Outdoor Wedding Venue Ideas

Nov 15, 2018

Whether you’re thinking of going classic or modern on your big day, your wedding venue can make a huge impact.

A wedding theme might seem pretty good, but it may not end up so perfect if you are unable to find the right wedding venue.

One of brides’ usual concern is finding a good wedding venue. Indoor venues are great, but giving it your dream wedding look can take a lot of work, which is why for people who are a little low on budget, we suggest they get an outdoor wedding venue instead.

Outdoor weddings are perfect for couples are who trying to minimize cost in wedding planning. For instance, why go for a garden-themed wedding when you can have your big day in a real garden?

Another thing great about outdoor wedding venues is that it gives off a more spontaneous vibe compared to indoor wedding venues.

Here are 10 great wedding ideas perfect for outdoor venues to help you plan your outdoor wedding.

1. Beach Weddings

Some brides love the thought of having a backyard wedding. Its warmth and comfort are just what you need on your special day, but if backyard weddings aren’t your type, you can always try beach weddings.

There are so many beaches to choose from. Each of them even has their own personality, which will certainly help you choose a wedding venue suited for your theme.

2. Bring Out A Piano For Display

Putting out a piano for display would be a spectacular idea, especially if you came from a musically inclined family. You can even play a few songs for your wedding guests. It's one way to make your wedding more entertaining.

3. Flower or Candle

If you're thinking of having your wedding in one of those old barns, it might be a good idea to spread out some flowers or candles along the pathway. It's sure to make your entrance to the wedding venue not only memorable but also dramatic.

In the Korean language, there is an idiomatic expression that goes, “let us walk on the flowery path” which could mean to walk on a road filled with success and find happiness along the way. It fits perfectly to a wedding event.

4. Wooden Signs

Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor wedding, every big day needs direction. Wooden signs are a fun way to show your wedding guests which way to go.

If it’s just a small venue and you think your wedding guests don’t need to be told where to go, you can always use wooden signs to inform people about important information like what time the bride will walk down the aisle or what dish you’re having for the dinner party.

5. The Lovebird Arch

Unlike indoor weddings, you do not have a proper door or entryway. You can add a woody arch where you will start your wedding march and you can add a simple pergola where you will exchange vows.

These outdoor wedding venue ideas may also be extended to your photobooth styling.

6. Picnic Tables

You may think that picnic tables are not excellent outdoor wedding venue ideas.

Well, wait and see until you drape vibrant flower garlands as its centerpiece while you hang some fairy lights above it. Being creative and resourceful is the key to have an aesthetic wedding.

7. Parasols and Refreshments

These two outdoor wedding venue ideas can’t be taken out of the picture. To have your wedding outside may have its cons, too.

You have to quench your guests’ thirst in case it is too hot on your wedding day. Also, parasols would give great protection from direct sunlight.

Do not forget to know the East and West side from the center point of your ceremony. You must situate the occasion facing away from the sun.

8. Be Creative with Mason Jars

You will never know the real value of a thing until you see it in its full glory. Mason jars are heaven sent and can be useful decorations.

It can be your table centerpiece by just adding burlap cloth atop some tree stumps. You can also make it look like lanterns when you light it up with candles or light bulbs.

It will definitely give a magical touch to the overall mood of your settings.

9. Ladder Décor

Believe it or not, your backyard ladders can be a universal décor not just as bookshelves but as wedding design as well.

You can place a Mr. and Mrs. wooden initials on each level and make it look like a country themed wedding.

10. Old Mailboxes

To give more intensity to these outdoor wedding venue ideas you can add old mailboxes for cards. Remember those wooden mailboxes from Tom and Jerry? Yes, childhood, you are never really forgotten.

Your guests are your responsibility, so keep in mind that these outdoor wedding venue ideas are just ideas until you can fully execute it magnificently.

So to say, it is the focal point of turning your dreams into reality. You should also prioritize your guests’ safety by making sure there are no bugs or any flying creatures that will disturb and harm your big day.

Whichever outdoor wedding venue ideas you end up choosing from the list, we hope that as you tie the knot, you also embrace the fact that this union does not stop from the moment you say “I do.” Your marriage should cultivate and nurture like how nature blooms.

Have you considered having an outdoor wedding celebration? Let us know your thoughts or tag your bride squad for more awesome suggestions!

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