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Top Wedding Colors and Their Meanings

Feb 16, 2017

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One of the most exciting parts of your wedding planning is choosing your color scheme. Starting with the flower centerpieces up to the bridesmaids’ dresses, the color of your wedding also defines your personality and taste as the bride. With the limitless ranges of colors available to choose from, it may be a little nerve-racking.

While many brides go by their favorite colors, or by a shade that works best with the theme and venue, one more popular and easier way in deciding your wedding color scheme is by knowing the meanings of colors and finding one which represents you perfectly. We have here a list of colors and their meanings you may choose from.


Known for its freshness and simplicity, white is easily one of the most preferred colors when it comes to weddings, especially for more traditional couples. From your man’s tux to your three-tiered cake, white can set a classic and elegant atmosphere for your wedding. Of course, you are more than free to use an addition of one or two more colors. It can make everything much more interesting.


This color reminds us easily of youth, and it represents compassion and nurturing. A combination of red (powerful and heavy) and white (delicate and soft) is known to be most brides’ favorite. Pink flowers and draperies, even a tint on your wedding dress easily set a romantic mood.


Known as the color of love, red may just be the most romantic color there is and it’s almost always present in wedding details, as in flowers and decors. It also connotes that you are a warm and passionate couple. A lush bouquet of red roses is a classic, and it can give your white wedding dress a vibrant accent.


A warm color, yellow gives a cheerful and energetic aura. Yellow is well-attributed to knowledge and intelligence. Reminiscent of sunny summer days, yellow is perfect for beach and garden weddings, and best paired with cool colors like blue or green.


Said to be the color of balance, harmony, and growth, green carries a sense of calmness. It works greatly when matched with bright colors such as yellow, orange and red—just like how flowers accentuate a bundle of ferns.


Blue is another popular wedding color that represents trust, honesty, and loyalty. Like most colors, it has a wide range of shades and tones that can carry different effects. For instance, powder blue has that young and easy vibe, while navy is more formal and refined. Blue can be used as a base for other colors.

Brown or Cream

These rich and earthy colors are more on the neutral side, making them ideal for a rustic backyard or farm wedding. While cream can relay a softer, smoother tone, brown can be strong if not used adequately. Both works with nearly any color, like a touch of green or gold.

Gold and Silver

Metallic colors are always associated with strength and determination. Though usually used with black for a sleek, sophisticated result, gold and silver also work well with other colors—gold looks divine with soft pink, and silver is amazing with royal blue.

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