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Treat Your Wedding Car as Your Fairytale Dream Carriage

May 28, 2018

Technically, horse (or pumpkin!) carriage is no longer a thing now. If you fancy some fairytale theme, you may still incorporate that into your bridal car. Details are essential for weddings, and you will be surprised how coherent everything is and how all attributes seem to go together.

However, we need to design and style your wedding car realistically even with the magical touch of fiction. There are always funny scenarios of reality versus expectations that we see all over the internet. While they are indeed comical in the most parts, we do not want this to happen to us—especially not on special occasions like your wedding!

Your bridal car may be your last priority in wedding preparations when it should not be. Well, It is actually the first thing you should book. Maybe you think that you can just use your car or a friend’s car or a mutual friend’s car. Don’t you think that is a hassle? Again, we are trying to avoid the reality versus expectations situation. You must be totally equipped in your wedding. You deserve a stress-free Big Day after all the months of pressure in preparing for it.

We list down all the things that you might want to consider in choosing your dream bridal car.



Wedding Dress and Number of Guests

The Dress! It is the primary thing you need to think of when you are choosing your wedding car. How massive or how long is your dress? Does the car have enough room for your prodigious petticoat? Is it high enough not to crumple your long veil too much? Of course, you still want to walk down the aisle with a perfectly smooth dress. Let it flow freely as you stride your way to the altar. Also, are you going to have another people inside the auto with you? The wedding car should have space for other individuals.

Another thing to ask yourself is: would you go for a car service for your guests as well? Some wedding car services also offer cars for this event. While your guests can bring their own vehicles, you should also consider those who don’t or those who live far and do not want to drive to your wedding place. Car hire is a great deal as well if you gather your guests in a hotel near the venue. Even if that is within the vicinity, you can’t make them walk on the sidewalk wearing their pretty dresses and tuxedos. Well, unless it is on a beach and you are all barefoot. Still, you need automobiles for the commute from one point to another.

Consider the Location

Some locals are best to hire for your bridal car. Most probably, they know the place of the venue and they know all the routes. Time is also significant in your wedding day. If you are doing car service for your guests, obviously, the car should be there even before your invites arrive. Punctuality should be present on your special day. You would not want your groom to think you are going to stand him up when you are just stuck in traffic. See what we mean about reality versus expectations? Locals should know where to drive around to avoid that bump in the road.

You should also think of the travel time from your home (or wherever you are staying before your Big Day) to your wedding place. Will your reception be held where your wedding ceremony takes place or in a different venue? If they are in different locations, you need to hire the cars for more extended hours. Be mindful of the exact timetable.

Chauffeur Service and Match Motif

There is wedding car hires that do not offer a chauffeur service. It will be more favorable on your end if they do. You would not want any of your friends or families to drive you in their tuxedo, right?  Well, unless they initiate or offer to do it for you.

You should also double check to the wedding car rental company if they have mechanics on board just in case they are needed on the wedding day itself. The extra driver would also be convenient because you would not want any hassle on your wedding day itself. No one wants to rush in finding an available driver on your Big Day.

Also, you would want your bridal car to match your wedding theme. Classic and vintage are the most common ones that fit almost any motif. But, there are also other cars that will suit your wedding designs and styles in different models. Who says you can’t have a racing car on your Big Day? It is all about your preference and going a little extra won’t hurt anyone. If you want to make a statement, you can go for a Hummer. Rolls Royce and Jaguar are probably the most usual in the list. You may even find a big jeep if you fancy that.

Sometimes, it is okay as long as the color of the bridal car resembles your motif. The interior should also mimic the vibe of your theme. Remember, it is important to pay attention to details. Some wedding car rentals decorate the car for their clients. They add flowers and ribbons when necessary. Of course, you can also talk to them how you want the car to look like and if you are allowed to design it your own and do your thing.



Book Early

Bridal cars are usually limited and always booked, so you should reserve your slot even a year before your wedding. It is the ideal timeframe if you want to hire a bridal car.

Read the Contract Thoroughly

The contract agreement is basically a rundown of all the things mentioned above: the type of car you want and the number of car service you want on your devices. It should include the chauffeur service, the mechanics, and the extra driver offered. You should also check the hours of availability; make sure you allot enough time to cover the travel points without delay.

You should also consider if the company cars are all insured. Insurance is essential in any business. Your safety should be your top priority more than the aesthetics. You can tell how responsible the business is through the way it protects its people and clients. Choose the one you can trust.

One of the businesses we love in the industry is APerfectDayWedCar. They believe that everything in your wedding should be perfect, from the littlest details of the utensils to one of the most grand that is the bridal car.

APerfectDayWedCar specializes in prestige and luxury wedding cars. They make sure that you get the best entrance you will experience as you get out of the car as everyone anticipates your arrival. This may seem like a short moment, but this is a memory that will surely last. Can you imagine yourself in slow motion as your best wedding car drop you off? Ah, we definitely can! And you surely do look gorgeous!

You can choose from Chrysler 300c or a classic white Jaguar. APerfectDayWedCar also has Hummer H2 and Porsche Carrera 997 in store for you. To know more about them, you can visit them here.

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