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Trending Wedding Color Palette

Jun 14, 2018


Are you up to a 2018 wedding? Whether you are the bride or a wedding planner, this article is for you. Psychology has it that people make distinctive meanings to certain colors. Set your background in these colors to advocate the meaning that people usually refer these colors to. In this way, these Wedding palettes enhance the mood and theme of your event.


We have compiled for you the best and trending wedding color palette of the season. These are insights from renowned wedding palette trendsetters from around the globe. To make things easier for you, we have categorized it based on the mood that you want the event to be in. Take your pick and set your event on fire this 2018.

1. Monochrome and Gold

Nothing beats a classic wedding palette look and theme. This elegant timeless look will surely relive the moments of those attending the event and can get them engaged and emotionally connected. This theme's relevance encompasses time and context. White, black and gold simply never goes out of style.

2. Peaches and Reds

If you are a fan of antiques and wants the vintage set up, this is the right theme. You may find your wedding a good time to sport your all time collection of vintage treasure collection as well. Besides, this is your big day and it is only natural to have everyone and everything present on your day. This color sets the perfect contrast. In the process, it compliments the rather old feel.

3. Forest Green and Dusty Rose

The neutral mixture of these earth colors wedding color palette give that relaxing country feel. These cool colors set that wonderful tranquil home mood to your wedding. This is for people who love nature and prefer a venue at a very scenic nature setting, this might be the best theme for the special day. You can't go wring with this combination. It is also easy to set-up this theme as the sources are vast.

4. Off-White and Green

Convey the pureness of eternal love in solemn matrimony. Complement this in a natural backdrop of foliage that accents the purity. This theme brightens the venue. It is the most versatile theme as it can be employed in various locations. You can never go wrong with something so true and natural.

5. Lilac and Lavender

Bring out the soft side of the event with this combination. Everyone has a soft spot. This wedding palette brings out that gentle, feminine side. It warms the heart. In addition, it creates that a blooming countenance to everyone around.

5. Light Blue Hues

Being in blue doesn’t mean sad at all times. Actually, it can set the vibe of the whole audience. There are a lot going on in weddings. This can stress just about anyone. The hosts may get overwhelmed with the preparations, and so are the guests doing their part in the wedding. What could be a better way to break this monotone. Give everyone a chance to chill.

6. Deep Red and Ash Blue

Electrify the mood with this striking mix. This edgy combination elevates the festive mood of the occasion. It is best for those who opt for a formal and high-end effect. This wedding color palette is rather flexible. It can be employed in various locations and in just about any season.

7. Champagne Gold and Wine Red

Immerse in a blissful wedding palette inspired from the tempting champagne and wine. These irresistible mix of colors and liquors are a perfect match to this event. This sets the merry-making tone.

Elegant Sophistication
8. Mauve and Dark Blue

Indulge in the contrast of feminine and masculine contrasts that represents pure sophistication and elegance.  An earth wedding color palette elegance that is cool to the eyes. Its exquisite aura can transform even the simplest yard wedding to a majestic event area.

9. Ultra violet and Purple

Express your edgy individuality and statement in this wedding color palette pastels. Create a different experience for your guest through this theme. It's a bold and daring option. Pull it through with the right attitude.

There is an ever-changing trend on wedding color palette themes. Different shades and mixes become a hype every season. There are a lot of options to choose from. The possibilities are limitless. Though that is a good thing but that as well can work in your favor. You may become confused which one best suits you. I hope this article helped you a lot. Nevertheless, pick the theme that best embodies who you are. Every element that you use on your special day speaks something about that wonderful emotional attachment that is shared by everyone on that momentous occasion.

Have you picked your wedding's official theme, design and color? Let us know your planning experience by commenting down below or sharing this article to help others. too! We wish you the best in your preparations. Enjoy every step! 
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