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Trendy Wedding Dress Alert: The Minimalist Bride

Jun 8, 2018


The scientific approach in the form pragmatism has opened the doors for the minimalist movement. This proved to be a futuristic transformation. A less is more approach that is very timely to the economic activities and lifestyle of this millennium. This has taken over every sector and has gained so much prominence even in the fashion industry. In the recent years, it took hold on the work apparel and has extended its far-reaching influence in bridal couture and minimalist wedding. It is rather edgy and synergizes the attitude and body of the minimalist bride. 


Photo by Khristelle Tan Bridal Couture

This decade’s minimalist wedding has substantially set aside gender stereotypes on covering or revealing the body in a totally different light and has greatly impacted on the evolution of people’s perception of elegance and sexiness. It highlights the fabric and form rather than its function. We see a play of geometric shapes and line in a rather monochromatic hue. This challenged the glitz and glamour of our time as it became a politically relevant alternative or rival.


Weddings are happy occasions, however, it can be stressful most of the time. So why not make things easier and simpler? Try a minimalist wedding and be a minimalist bride. Besides, there is beauty in simplicity.


Sometimes, less is even more but necessarily boring. A lot of brides, who wants to look amazing on her wedding day without the complications of design and having to break the bank, had advocated this by being a minimalist bride themselves and is widely reflected on trends in wedding dress purchases.Designers nowadays are also embracing the minimalist approach as it offers a lot of advantages with its wide array of attributes. This has been going on for some time now, popping like mushrooms and had immediately become gained the favor of many.


Photo by Trizha Dimayuga Bridal

In weddings, there may be a lot going on already. It’s not that we strip the decorative details when we switch to a minimalist wedding, however, it aims to keep everything neat and in place. This presentation accents the beautiful minimalist bride, the wonderful groom, the solemnity of the tying of the knot and focally points to the abstract elements that intertwine the emotional attachments unifying everyone on the said occasion. 


Those above are merely generic statements about what a minimalist wedding is and who a minimalist bride is. Let us discuss in detail what minimalist weddings are about to give you the best picture.

What is a minimalist wedding?

I bet you already have an idea of what a minimalist wedding is, chances are you are just not aware that it’s it. Right now, if you are in the rush as your wedding day is fast approaching, then this might be the best option. You need not stress yourself out from complex decision-making processes on the intricacies of your wedding.


Photo by Khristelle Tan Bridal Couture

Simply put, as its name suggests – minimal, meaningless and simple. That will do well will the effort, time, energy and expenditure in the preparations. It will surely save you from all the worries and doubts, making you enjoy the process until its end on your wedding day.


Photo by Trizha Dimayuga Bridal

Surely, when you were younger, you dreamt of a fairytale wedding with you adorned with lace, tulle and all sorts of fancies. Yes, that’s true. The brides of today, however, want to keep things subdued and would want the simplest wedding gown. There are a lot of minimalist brides in the past, today and in the future. Simply because simplicity never goes out of style. Moreover, these minimalist pieces highlight you, the real you. You don’t get adorned to lose yourself instead, you wear something that expresses your individuality. They see the flattering and festive mood in you.


Don’t get me wrong, minimalistic weddings are not the plain, boring weddings. As is the most common wrong notion of others. They just have that classic feel in it with its picturesque backdrop. In occasions with minimalist approach, the values and essence come before the design, therefore, it sets the direction of the design. In this concept, the design shouldn’t overpower the emotional essence of the event. Minimalist weddings are beautiful in that they are not saturated with superficial beauty but of the values that matter most in the lives of the people around. Yes, that is the primary reason this became a hit to most nowadays. It is rather sincere and purposeful, rather than just being a product of the fan-fare of it as a current trend. In the years to come, that classic, essential minimalist wedding will make you reminisce and give a nostalgic experience of that lovely wedding day. Those mementos you took on that blessed day would seem just yesterday as minimalist weddings stand out across time and space. It goes back to the basics of the reason and values of the occasion.

Who is a minimalist bride?

A minimalist bride values the reasons and essence of the whole event and makes it stand out by accenting it with a backdrop of clean color hues. She embodies simplicity and fully understands that emotional binding elements are of heavier brevity than the superficial glamour. She abides by the less is more principle in all the details of every aspect of her preparations. Abiding by this approach, she makes seamless transitions from one stage to another in her preparations in the most minimal time. Simplicity is in the process but not in the essence, rather than superficial glitz but mediocre essence. Though embellishments are captivating, that is more of temporal rather than the lasting pureness and emotional binding simplicity.


The minimalist bride is in herself oozing with the attitude. It is not transcendent from the dress but in her innate value. It is her great personality that makes the rather simple wedding dress elegant. It is the flair of festive emotions that radiates glory to her couture that captivates the audience. The sincerity of her aura is what compels every individual to appreciate her loveliness. It is the out bursting gratitude and blessedness that brings charisma to her favor. 

Indeed, money can buy the best wedding gown in this world but can never replace the grace of the best bride. Money can arouse envy but not love.

As Siddharta Gautama puts it, the extreme worldly desires of man are the cause of unnecessary suffering. In the process of wanting more than needed, we cause ourselves to lose sight of what really matters, leading us astray to things that really don’t mean much. It is when we strip ourselves of this excess baggage and expectations that things are clear and easier to handle. Later on, when we look back, after years of experience and having grown in wisdom, we soon regret it not being wise. Oftentimes, the glitches that we experience are of our own devising. 

Marriage is the start of new beginnings. What a better way to start it with very sincere and thoughtful solemn rites that will wake the real essence of our human nature. Let that spark continue to burn and light your journey into marriage. Besides, it is but the invaluable things in this life that will guarantee true happiness. 

Are you planning to be a minimalist bride at your wedding? Share and let us know or share/tag your bride squad to get some help! 
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