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Trendy Wedding Invitations This 2018

Apr 11, 2018

            It is important to give focus on your wedding invitations because this is the first thing that your guests are going to see and first impressions last, so you better make it impressive.  If you are just about to look for wedding inspo this year, here are the trendy wedding invites that you can use.

1.    Calligraphy


Ink Scribbler

               Calligraphy is still on trend and if you want to make your wedding invites more   personalized you can buy a book or enroll in a calligraphy class to impress your guests!  They will not believe that you personally wrote those names!

2.    Dark and metallic


                Yanna's Printshop

                Black and any shade of metallic color always makes a good impression because it looks classy and simple.  Copper, rose gold, and gold are some of the popular choices. Any color will pop beautifully!

3.    Watercolor

imageInk Scribbler

                Watercolor is still one of the favorites because it looks so soft and romantic, the look and texture is perfect for a wedding invitation.  There are many artists now that offers watercolor painting for invites.

4.    Marble

                Marble may sound old-fashioned because the design is used inside the house flooring and walls but these swirls will definitely look good on your wedding invitation.  Just look at the picture and we bet you will agree!

5.    Laser cut pockets



                  Booked Prints

                 Ever wondered how those perfectly cut invites were made?  It is not done by hand, the laser will do the job! All the pockets will look flawless because it is machine made so you don’t have to worry about vendors not getting everything perfect.

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