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Unconventional Ways To Deal With Upset Customers On Social Media

Mar 9, 2018


The moment you decide that you are going to make a social media page for your business, you gotta be ready for all the positive and negative comments of people.  There will always be negative feedbacks. As much as it hurts, you need to deal with them and here are the best ways how!

1.    You need to listen

We know that it would be so impossible to search everyone who has been your customer to know if they gave you a good or bad review.  The easiest way to track the negative comments about you is by setting up Google Alert, mentions like using a hashtag, forums and review sites because these are the common places where customers rants and tell suggestions.

2.    Respond ASAP

When our needs are not met, we need a reply within minutes and just like your customers, they want an immediate reply too! Don’t let the problem go on for a day or two, this will just make them more difficult to deal with because they will feel neglected.

3.    Don’t respond like a machine

Instead, talk to them like a real human being.  If they are really mad at you a system generated reply is a bad idea!  Empathize with them; this will make them feel that you are attending to their concern and have read their problem.

4.    Admitting your mistake

Before getting into the solution you need to apologize first.  An apology will make them feel a lot better because you have accepted your mistake.  Sometimes it only takes an apology from the customer to smile again. 

5.    Make it up to them

You need to find a way to fix the problem after apologizing.  Especially if you have done serious damage.  You can offer other deals or a refund if necessary, you might never win them back but their impression will not be as bad.   All businesses make mistakes it is up to us on how we can make it up to our customers.

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