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Wedding Cake is a Work of Art

May 31, 2018


Art is everywhere! Its beauty screams at you, and this concept applies even to various cake ideas. Have you seen wedding cake ideas that you think are so pretty you are not sure if they are edible? Well, cakes are meant to be eaten no matter how much they possess the aesthetic of the Greek goddesses and we sure are at least 80% of your guests at your wedding loves cakes as much as we do! May it be fancy design or the scrumptious taste of your cake, so why not feed both their stomach and their eyes?

We all have our eyes on the bride, but we’re also eyeing for anything that looks delicious - food is life! As a bride to be, you have the freedom to customize and make your cake more noticeable because after all, it will also indeed represent your wedding style and will also be considered as a decor for your big day!

We know you’re in the mood for some cake *goals* right now that’s why we’ve narrowed down some tips to help you think of wedding cake ideas that would appeal as visuals and nourishment—to you and your guests on your wedding day!  Ready to be swept away with some good wedding tips and inspiration? Let’s look!


cake designs by Coco Dream Cakes and Little Miss OC’s Kitchen

Timelessness of Classic

What is time, anyway? We define things as we see fit and that goes the same with these cake ideas. There is always a sense of attraction in vintage and classic designs. The usual classic wedding cake ideas come in plain white and it can be screaming with pure elegance because you are always free to add accents and colors to improve its look - your call!

Cakes nowadays have unique elements like leaf and flower pattern to give vibrance to the white backdrop that is the wedding cake. Another element you can add is your partner’s favorite poem or lines from a book or even song lyrics *heart eyes*! It can be etched on the sides of the cake or on the top, whichever you fancy.

These classic cakes may be covered in fondant or white buttercream frosting, but it can still be layered with another touch of different whites. You can opt for geometric shapes to add prominence to the whole picture of the cake. You may also want to add raffles sugar peonies and frills around it. Maybe pearls and clamps, too? If you have a beach wedding that should be great! It is just like putting denim over denim, and you already nailed it! It is just all about the structures.


cake designs by Coco Dream Cakes and Little Miss OC’s Kitchen

As Flowery As Your Wedding Vows

Flowers are probably the standard design to incorporate into your cake ideas. However, it can be grander than the floral piece we put to classic white wedding cake ideas. Some cake decorator takes things up a notch and gives the cakes eminent transformation through different blossoms. Most times, they also go a little extra with the color and layering.

Garden weddings would be great to have cakes that are in full bloom. This concept includes flowers of different types on top and sides with fruits like blueberries or strawberries scattered on the top of all layers. Some cakes are literally impaled with flowers that you won’t even see the base itself anymore. If you have this persona that believes in simplicity is beauty, you can add a bouquet of flowers on top of your cake and just sprinkle yellow beads and ribbons around it. If you want to go vibrant and intensified saturation, you can use flower design like sunflowers. How can you not look at that vivid yellow? It is so alive.

Unique Shapes and Sizes

It is always fun to get out of the box and be a little adventurous and spontaneous sometimes. Remember, great ideas usually come from madness and wild minds. Cake ideas start from a blank canvas (we mean, dough) that can be a work of art like magic. Well, not really as it takes effort and skills, but you get what we are saying. This is the exact reason why these wedding cake ideas are exceptional.

Since this is your Big Day, you can go as extra as you want with your cakes. It does not have to be the usual three-layer round cake; it can be an upside down cake or known as the chandelier cake. Sounds crazy? As they say: the sky is the limit—or maybe not. Such cake really exists! How impressive are these people for making absurd ideas into reality?


cake design by Coco Dream Cakes

If you have a beach wedding, you can add waves to your cake. It should complement your wedding design and style after all. How about layers of wedding ring cushions? Play with the shapes! It is all about these tiny little details that make a great magnum opus. You can also go gigantic with your wedding cake. You want to reach the ceilings; a 6-tiered one? Go for it. You always do you. You can even go higher than that. There are very talented pastry chefs out there, find them, and they will do the work for you.

Not the Usual Chocolate Cake

Who says you can’t have a chocolate cake on your Big Day? It is one of the classic flavors of the cake, and your guests will surely love it just as much as any other cake ideas. It can complement the rustic wedding theme, too! It may be in color brown, but that does not mean it can’t look right and suit weddings. A big ribbon tie can be placed on top of the cake and make it look like a gift. Wedding flowers can be put on it as well to match the event. How about a white cake with chocolate dripping from it? You see, it is all about how you will execute this imagery in your head to your wedding cake ideas.


Cake design by Blue Toque

Themed Cake Presentation

Another thing to add to the not-the-usual chocolate cake ideas is the themed cakes. Usually, we see themed cakes on occasions like debut or children’s birthday party. Contrary to that, you can also do that to your wedding cakes—really subtle but noticeable nonetheless.

Let us give you an example that you can picture in your head. You have these classic white wedding cake ideas in mind, but of course, you want to take it to another level thinking of Hogwarts letters and magic wands. The illustration may not fit your wedding design. Then, you think of the Snitch. It is gold, and it has wings, and you know that gold is one of the primary colors of weddings. Voila! You can have that Hogwarts themed cake that you have been dreaming of. You may not have gotten your letter, but at least you have the cake!


Cake design by Blue Toque and Bethany Dream Cakes

It will not be a dream wedding day if not everything goes together. Aside from the love the couple shares on this day and for eternity, it would be nice to have the perfect wedding cake ideas that will ensemble their Big Day.


Cake design by Bethany Dream Cakes

It does not matter which design or style you come up to. It does not matter if it is grand or simple. What matters the most is the taste of it; it should be edible! Kidding aside, it is essential that your cake ideas are parallel to your story and personality. Seriously though, it would be best if the cake both looks and tastes great at the same time.

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