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Wedding Checklist: 5 Types of Invitations to Prepare

Mar 22, 2018

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If you thought that you only need one invitation when you're planning your wedding, you are wrong. Well, okay, it always depends on your and your partner’s decision. However, if you're the type who likes everything documented and if you like stationery, here are the five types of invitations you need to prepare and add to your wedding checklist.

1. Engagement party invites

If you are planning to throw an engagement party for your family and friends, you can give them an invitation. Engagement party invites don’t have to be formal, it needs to be fun and fancy because you finally said yes!

2. Bridal party

If you know that your girls are going to have a bridal shower for you, you can suggest to your maid of honor to send some invites to other girls.  This will not cost you that much because your guests will be limited.

3. Bachelor party

The last party of your fiancé as a single man.  His friends will surely throw him a bachelor party so don’t forget to remind him to prepare!  They might never think about sending one to their friends!

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4. Rehearsal dinner

Also known as the night before the wedding when everyone is there to know where they should be tomorrow, where they will walk and stuff like that.  Your rehearsal dinner invitation doesn’t have to be formal as your wedding invites. 

5. Save the date

The most important of all the invitations are your save the date!  The theme of your invitation will depend on how you want your wedding to be; formal, traditional, non-religious, pop culture and a lot more.  This should have an RSVP card when you mail it to your guests.

For your save the date invitations, create a wedding website on the BG Bridal Gallery app! Choose one of the pretty templates, customize your pages, and share your link to your wedding guests.

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