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Wedding Cinematographer: Who to Hire to Capture Your Big Day

Jun 29, 2018


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Your Big Day is an occasion you want to capture every single moment of—from the minute you put on your pearl earrings while your groom wears his Rolex watch to that scene where you exchange vows and both your parents start ugly crying. All of these scenarios mentioned can be captured through lenses, sure. But, are cameras enough? Photography is one thing to encapsulate the time. However, your wedding cinematographer can take every scene to another level.

An artist once wished that Polaroid pictures can also capture sounds even in a split second. While that is far from happening yet (or maybe soon? Who knows? Technology is amazingly scary), hiring a wedding cinematographer is a fantastically good idea.

How would you choose the right one, though? Here are some guidelines we came up with to help you.

Let All the Guests Enjoy the Day

It's a given that you have friends or families who can film. Okay, let us say they have the equipment, too. Your family and friends may probably do it for free, but they are there for your wedding to celebrate the day with you, and not to roam around filming the ceremony and the venue. Let them relax and enjoy the show!

Professionals Refer Professionals

Your wedding planner and other wedding professionals working for you undoubtedly know a couple of wedding cinematographer. Try asking them and confirm if they worked with those professionals first hand.

Choose Approaches that You Desire

A wedding cinematographer has his personality, skills, and styles. If every cinematographer was the same, then it wouldn't be any fun. Choose a wedding cinematographer that can give you the color grading you want. These professionals also have their own set of styles when it comes to editing.

You may come across someone who is excellent in documentary filming. These types of films do not have many special effects and has clips arranged in chronological order.

Meanwhile, you may also come across an artist specializing in the cinematic style which is more dynamic. They experiment on more dramatic and diversified angles while giving you a Hollywood movie vibe. These styles are just one of the many.

Set a Good Wedding Budget

In weddings, you get what you pay for. Hiring a wedding cinematographer is totally not cheap. You might want to allocate enough funds for it if you want the production to be as best as it can be. Remember, these professionals do not just do the job because you pay them; they do the job as perfect as possible because when they accept a project, they put their names and brands at stake if they don't perform well.



Watch other Wedding Videos and Read Reviews

You need to watch different wedding videos to determine which style and concept you prefer. If you are going to that, you might as well search for cinematographer reviews as well. This will enable you to create a shortlist of the professionals you want to hire.

Meet Your Wedding Cinematographer in Person

Familiarize yourself with the face of your wedding cinematographer. You would also want to know his personality before you decide on hiring him. Also, if he is the one who is going to film your event, then you would want to start getting comfortable with him as soon as possible.

Be Mindful of the Package and Services

Know the coverage time when you hire your wedding cinematographer—how many hours he would film and if he has a second shooter. The contract should also include the list of items inclusive in the package such as the digital file, trailers, and highlight reels. If you want same-day edit and it is not in their package, it is best to ask them right away if they offer that service.

No to Micromanage

Even though you want to do most of the job, you can’t—especially not on your wedding day. Trust your wedding cinematographer. You are not just paying for the equipment they use; you also pay for creative thinking.

Your wedding cinematographer should be your director and producer during your Big Day. He will be the one to capture and record the event. You, on the other hand, can go ahead and just have fun.


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