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Wedding guest 101: How to properly send back an RSVP Card

Jan 29, 2018

The purpose of this card is not only to know how many and who will be attending your big day but also the guests' preferences when it comes to food, they can include there their allergies and foods to avoid.  This is also a big help for the wedding caterer on how much food they are going to serve.  But how do you properly send it back?  Here’s a short and precise tip on how to send back an RSVP card.

Ladies, give the exact address of the person who is going to be in charge with the RSVP cards.  It can be your mother, maid of honor, or a family member who has the skills of organizing.  But it can also be you and your partner because some couples love to receive mails that are addressed to them, they can also track who’s going and who’s not. 

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1.       Write legibly

And if you cannot write legibly ask someone to write it for you.  So they will have the right spelling of your name!  Sometimes people cannot read our penmanship and this is causing misspelled names.

 2.       Write your complete name

Please do not write your nickname or even worse a codename that you and the bride shares.  The receiver of the card won’t get it.

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 3.       Plus one

If you see this word on the card it means you can include one person aside from your partner.  Only one person not two!

 4.       Fill out the checkbox

This is so easy.  You don’t have to ask any advice for this one.  You will be asked if you are going to attend or not and commonly the menu that you preferred to eat.

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 5.       Mail it ASAP

Do not wait until the last minute.  The couple needs to know how many guests will be attending their big day so they can start planning about the foods, the ceremony and reception venue.

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