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Wedding Guests 101: Gift Ideas for Engaged Couples

Jan 31, 2018

Our job is to make you ready for all things wedding, although not every couple throws an engagement party, we have gathered some wedding gift ideas in case you will be invited to one.  These gifts are just easy to find and you might even steal this idea for your own engagement party!

1.       Flowers

Okay, so be careful when choosing flowers because they have meanings and symbolisms behind it.  The best flowers to gift for a newly engaged couple are alstroemeria, chrysanthemum, daffodil, lily of the valley and stephanotis.

imagePhoto by Amoreza Events

 2.       Personalized Ceramic Vase

What goes perfectly with flowers?  Flower vase!  But with a touch of your names on it.  This would be perfect for your apartment or new home together.  Especially if you both love plants and flowers.  It is also a great way to brighten up any room.

 3.       Champagne Flutes

If one of your friends are going to bring champagne for the engagement party then pair that with champagne flutes that the couple can use.  They can even use this after the engagement, maybe after getting married or any other occasions that needs to be celebrated.

 4.       Wedding Planner

A planner is on hype right now because there only a month left for 2017!  But did you know that there is also a planner for weddings?  Yes!  There is!  It has checklists, reminders, and advice that will guide you throughout.  The bride and the groom will surely thank you for this one.


 5.       Cookbook

This may sound girly but the couple should start practicing their cooking skills now that they are already engaged.  And one way to start enhancing that skill is by buying them a reliable cookbook.  Make sure this has their all-time favorite menus and desserts!

 6.       Wine

We think wine is the safest gift of all because everyone drinks it and it is to be good for the heart.  The couple can enjoy this after a day of planning for their wedding or they just want to have an “us time” together.

 7.       Board Games

Who says board games are just for kids?  There are a lot of board games that adults can play, too!  Here’s a list of board games that are best for couples; Hive: A Game Crawling With Possibilities, Pandemic Legacy Blue Board Game, Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, Carcassonne Board Game, Patchwork Board Game, Dominion, Jaipur, The Castles of Burgundy and Guillotine.

8.       Hometown Puzzle

Some couples just love puzzle pieces, it is challenging and when you finished the puzzle, there’s this feeling of accomplishment that you can’t explain.  A great puzzle to give them is their hometowns map.  This can be displayed in their future house and it makes a great wall décor.

 9.       Customized Cross-Stitch

Cross-Stitch may sound a decade ago but hey it still looks pretty!  You cannot compare it with anything else!  Give the couple a customized cross-stitch of them wearing their wedding gown and suit together with their wedding cake plus don’t forget to include their names.

imagePhoto by Francine's

 10.   Customized Fondant Cupcakes

If you love to bake or you are a baker, why not give them a customized “congratulations” cupcake made by yours truly?  They will love the personalized touch because you have put an effort to make that cupcake for them.  And they will get to try your cupcakes, too!



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