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Wedding Reception Games that Will Make Your Guests Finish the Party

May 15, 2018

Ever sat through the first few minutes of reception and wished it will all, like, end right away? Well, we all have, cue the champagne tossing, but when you’re the bride at the said wedding, this will be a hard blow to take. Which is why, for the sake of the past-you who had to endure perhaps one too many annoying wedding receptions, make yours extra special by employing fun games that will make your guests finish the party with a smile on their faces.


Following are just some ideas that could help you get started. Feel free to improvise or come up with an even more interesting one of your own!

Make Dart Art with Everyone

Careful of paint splatters! Doing dart art is a fun and exciting way for both children and adults alike to help you commemorate your special day. Prepare a big whiteboard on which to secure various, tiny to medium sized balloons filled with the colors of the rainbow. Give every guest a dart or three each and allow them to compete with how many paint balloons they can pop. Hang the resulting masterpiece at your home and reminisce with visiting friends about all the laughter—and splatters—you all had that day.

Arrange for Surprise Performances


You can take ideas from other countries where weddings are highly ceremonial. There are those where the reception program is expected to have something entertaining prepared—whether it’s a dance routine that is not a waltz performed by the newlyweds themselves or the unexpected arrival of Maroon 5, it’s all up to you and your capabilities (and your budget). But you can always ask friends for help if you have ideas you can’t stage on your own.

Set Up an Inflatable!

And not just for the kids either—but the adults can have their fun later, say, after a glass or two. Wedding receptions can be especially tiring for our little brethren, so don’t forget to have arrangements in place that could help them take their minds off things—and keep them from being underfoot. We hope you were inspired by these ideas. Whatever you choose in the end, don’t forget for you and your significant other to have roaring good fun on that particular day.

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