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Wedding Traditions and Superstitions

Jun 14, 2018


Like all the families in the world, there is that one family member (or maybe all of them) who believes in superstitions. But regardless of what culture we were raised, we all live with certain traditions. Here are a few of the countless wedding traditions around the world.

For Good Luck and Bad Luck:

1.   One of the most popular wedding traditions around the world is that brides must insert a sugar cube into their glove because according to the Greek culture, sugar works to sweeten a wife and a husband’s union.

2.   For the English, finding a spider in a wedding dress means good luck!

3.   Following the English tradition, the best day to marry is Wednesday even if it is known that Monday is for wealth and Tuesday is for Health.

4.   In order to bravely protect the bride from evil spirits, the groom must carry the bride across the threshold.

5.   As per English folklore, the unluckiest day to marry is on a Saturday. Ironically, it has been the most popular wedding days.


6.   The Ancient Romans used to determine the luckiest time to marry by studying pig entrails.

7.   Also another popular wedding tradition around the world is that a rain on a wedding day is a good luck! This is according to a Hindu tradition.

8.   Egyptian women also have a tradition of pinching the bride on the wedding day for a good luck.

9.   Another weird and rare wedding tradition from around the world is that Middle Eastern brides paint henna on their hands and feet to guard themselves against the evil eye.

10.   In Czech, peas will be thrown at the newlyweds, not rice.


11.   In Sweden, the bride must put on a silver coin from her father on one shoe and a gold coin from her mother on the other shoe to be sure that she’ll never do without.

12.   In Finland, the bride would traditionally collect gifts in a pillowcase, doing it through a door-to-door collection with an old man who represents long marriage.

13.   In Morocco, women would use milk in taking a bath before the wedding ceremony in order to purify herself.

14.   A pine tree is considered as a symbol of fertility and good luck in Holland, and this is planted outside the house of a newlywed.


Wedding traditions around the world about rings…

15.   The fourth finger of the left hand is where the engagement ring should be put because it was once believed that it has a vein that leads directly to the heart.

16.   Towards the end of the fifteenth century, diamonds in gold or silver has become famous as betrothal rings.

17.   In jewel symbolism, a wedding ring made of sapphire means marital happiness.

18.   An engagement ring made of pearl signifies bad luck because it is believed to represent a tear.

19.   Princess Mary, the daughter of Henry VIII has been given one of the earliest engagement rings when she was two years old.


Wedding traditions around the world revolving with fashionable lore…

20.   In Asia, robes worn with embroidered cranes signify fidelity for the whole time of marriage.

21.   In Ancient Greeks and Romans, veils that are worn by the bride were believed to protect them from evil spirits.

22.   In Japan, white has always been the color for bridal band even before Queen Victoria made it known in the Western world.


23.   In Korea, brides put on bright hues of yellow and red to have their promises.

24.   As a symbol of continuity with the past, brides bring “something old” with them during the whole wedding day.

25.   The brides and grooms in Denmark would customarily cross-dress in order to confuse the evil spirits.

26.   A bridal ensemble typically contains “something blue” to symbolize love, fidelity, and purity.


Wedding traditions around the world for food and family…

27.   In Egypt, the family of the bride traditionally does all the cooking tasks for a whole week after the wedding so that the couple can have all the relaxing time.

28.   In South Africa, parents of both sides would carry fire from their own fireplace to light the newlywed’s hearth.

29.   The Ancient Rome started the tradition of having wedding cakes where a loaf of bread is broken by the revelers over the head of the bride all for fertility’s sake.

30.   It was once believed that single women will dream about their future husbands if they put a slice of a groom’s cake under their pillows when they sleep.

31.   In an old wives’ tale, if the younger of two sisters would be the first to marry, then the older must dance barefoot at the wedding or else she will never have a husband.


So these are the different wedding traditions around the world that may or may not be helpful to couples. After all, there’s nothing to lose in trying. Do you believe in these? Share us your thoughts by commenting down below! 
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