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What Are the Healthy Habits That You Need to Start to Convey When You Get Engaged?

Jan 9, 2018

Every one of us is looking for the secret on how to look beautiful and glowing on our wedding day despite all the stress in planning, workloads and other personal things you have to accomplish in your everyday life.  If you are looking for tips on how to get your mind and body ready for the big day, read our tips below!

1.       Get enough sleep

Sometimes we are too busy to get an 8-hour sleep but this is the most important thing that your body needs.  Because sleep rejuvenates our system.  And if you are to observe, when you wake up with only 4 hours of sleep you get so grumpy, and we don’t like that.  Right?

 imagePhoto by Make Up by Joy Mabasa

2.       Don’t forget to exercise

If you are not a fan of working out then try running every morning before getting ready for work.  This is a very simple exercise, and engaging in activities like this will release some happy hormones in your body.  Making you more positive and productive every day.

 3.       Eat healthily

If you want to trim some fats before the wedding, try avoiding salty foods and caffeine.  Salty foods are the main cause of weight gain.  Try switching to tea, fruits, and salads.  This will work wonders in your body.

imagePhoto by The Wedding Project by Jac Rumusad-Oebanda

 4.       Drink water

As the saying goes, we all need to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.  Not juice, not coffee and not tea.  Drinking water hydrates and cleanses our whole body and our skin, too!  This also prevents acne!  Just a tip, to make sure you will have 8 glasses try this.  Drink one water the moment you wake up, drink water after your breakfast, drink water in 9 or 10 am,  drink water after lunch, drink water at 2, drink water on your snack time, drink water after dinner and lastly drink water before going to bed.  Isn’t that easy?  It is already 8 glasses of water!

 5.       Attend pre-marital counseling

Ask your fiancé to attend a pre-marital counseling; this will help you get ready on the new journey of your life together.  Plus, this is also necessary, you will be asked to attend a seminar similar to this one after you get your marriage license. 

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