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What Every First-Time Bridesmaid Should Know

Apr 5, 2018

All first-time experiences excite us and make us nervous at the same time.  If this is your first time to be a bridesmaid, after celebrating because you are one of the chosen ones, don’t forget to research your duties and responsibilities.  To help you out with that, we have compiled a list of what you need to know before your first day starts!


  1. Volunteer for a job you are good at

It is okay to decline a task but tell the bride the real reason, which is you are not good with that.  Volunteer for a job that you are good at, if negotiating is your expertise, tell them you could help them with that. Don’t say yes just because you think the bride will be disappointed, you can always give her an alternative.

  1. Be the best friend

Be the best friend that you already are!  Planning a wedding is a roller coaster ride, there will be excitement, fun, and drama before it ends and even after it ends.  Sometimes the bride just needs someone to talk to, and you can be that someone.

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  1. Don’t contradict the bride

Don’t be a Miss-Know-It-All. Before she tells you her plan she already consulted her wedding planner about that.  She wanted you to be in her squad because she believes that you will support her, not antagonize her.

  1. Help her in any way possible

Simply by being around while she does, bride-duties will be appreciated. Accompany her on her trip to the salon, or be there while meeting her planner, all those little things will be a great help for her.

  1. Research on your duties

You will have many duties, you have to throw a bridal shower, buy your dress, buy her and her fiancé a gift, make sure the guests are having a good time, and a lot more. If you think that you are going to just walk down the aisle with the bridesmaid title in, you are mistaken, so research!

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