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What is Eloping And What You Should Know Before Doing So?

Feb 15, 2018

For some of you who don’t know the meaning of eloping here it is, it is an act of running away to get married.  So if you are planning to run away somewhere with your partner to get married without any audiences just your officiant, then you are going to elope.  It may sound like something you would do if you were in Vegas but here are the things that you should know before deciding to get married secretly!

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1.    Do not forget to hire a photographer

If you have talked to your partner a month before deciding to elope, then you have time to look for a photographer.  Some brides tend to forget to hire one so, they end up not having remembrance of beautiful moments from their wedding day.  Although we are in the generation of technology, you still need to consider hiring one. Don’t rely on your selfie stick!

 2.    The dress

Yes, it’s a quick decision but if you have made up your mind years ago that you are not the kind of girl who wants to walk down the aisle then prepare your dress.  Some brides are having a hard time looking for the perfect dress so if you are about to run away then keep something white in your closet.

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 3.    The marriage license

Don’t  forget this one because this is the key to your marriage.  Apply for a marriage license together with your partner.  This license will last for about three months, be it outside the country or out of town, you will need this.

 4.    Get a witness

You will still be needing a witness on your wedding day to sign in the marriage contract.  It can be your mom, your dad, your sister or your best friend.  It will be weird if you will just ask a random stranger to be a witness to your wedding day.

 5.    Get ready for the reaction of others

Other people will have different kinds of reactions when the two you of you decided to finally announce it.  As much as you want to say “mind your own business!”, they will still push their opinions about your decision.  So be emotionally prepared and always remember that it is your wedding, not theirs, anyway!

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