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What to Avoid: Common Wedding Planning Mistakes Couples Make

Jan 4, 2018

These are the list of things that you can avoid if you read it soon enough.  We know that thunderstorms and blackouts are unavoidable but these, with the right decision and knowledge you can avoid them so easily!  No need for an effort just read!

 1.       Hiring a friend instead of a professional

Or maybe hiring a relative instead of a professional.  Yes, there is no wrong in helping them with their business but maybe some other occasions?  If you know that he/she is just starting with that career you need to hire a professional because professionals have gone through many wedding mishaps that they already know how to solve it.

 2.       Spending too much on your dress

Brides to be can be overly excited for their wedding that they put too much budget on the dress.  Remember it doesn’t have to be so expensive, if it fits you right, you are comfortable wearing it and the style describes you.  That is your wedding dress.  Buying or having it made by a well-known designer is optional especially if your budget is not allowing it.


3.       Not hiring a videographer

Instead of spending too much on your wedding dress why not spare some money for your videographer?  It is always nice to look back at your wedding videos (aside from your wedding pictures).  Your videographer will take moments that a camera cannot record.  Like you 2 minute dance with your father, the toast of your best friend, your live kiss as husband and wife!  You wouldn’t want to miss those, aren’t you?

 4.       Not practicing your wedding make-up

Practice your wedding make-up a week or two before your big day.  So you will know what color should be put, what lipstick to wear and if you can pull off a chignon hairstyle or not.  It is good to know beforehand so you won’t have to start putting make-up all over again on your wedding day.


 5.       Trying to lose weight before the big day

You want to look good in your wedding photos that is why you decided to trim down some weight but WAIT!  What about your wedding dress?  You will make alterations if you lost some weight before your wedding.  If you are going or planning to do this make sure that you have plenty of time to alter it so there won’t be any last minute trip to the tailor.

 6.       Doing it all by yourself

You have your fiancé, your maid of honor and your bridesmaids, do not take all the tasks.  You can ask them for help, they will even volunteer for some.  And if you are afraid of getting a not so nice result open up to them what you want and how you want it to be done.

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