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What to Do: Wedding Guests Who Show Up in Your Wedding Uninvited

May 4, 2018

Guest lists. One of the daunting tasks you have to prepare for your big day. First, you come up with a list of the people who’d been a part of your life, his life, and both of your lives and start calling them to confirm their attendance. If you think you can accomplish your final list in one sitting, think again. The shortest may be a week, as you have to call them or call them once again, to check on their availability.



And so, after months of strike throughs and asterisks over names, your guest list is complete. Hallelujah! You then send the number of guests to your caterers and invitation makers and look forward to an immaculately laid out wedding day.

But oops! On the wedding day itself, something, or someone unsightly came to view, and you right away know that’s terrible news. What’s a bride and groom to do in this sitch, and what’s the fix?

The sitch: Despite the ‘adult only’ written in clear letters on your invites, some wayward guests who are parents decided to breach the code and tag their kids along. What’s worse was, they kept on whining, and one almost toppled the cake even before the traditional slicing!
The fix: If you are inviting a guest who will most likely bring their half-a-dozen kids to the wedding party, be bold enough to remind them of your wedding set-up. Be subtle with your words, though, as feelings may be delicate.
If kids have been brought along by circumstance – a babysitter didn’t show up, and no one else is available to look after them – see to it that the kids and their parents are seated somewhere where the parents could easily attend to their needs without having to wreak some havoc. Also, it’s advisable to reserve extra plates for really uninvited guests.
A guest of another guest
The sitch: Mr. John Doe confirmed that he was coming alone and thus, a seat for one was reserved for him. On the wedding day though, he went with a heavily made-up lady holding to his arms.
The fix: This is yet another scenario that would leave you scratching your heads off. But before dashing off the pair and telling the invited that his guest has to move, get yourself together and think of a win-win solution. The guest of the guest will not have anything to do with this as she was just invited (perhaps thinking her presence was accounted for). Be kind to her instead. Let your planner make some last-minute seat adjustments and, per advised above, have some extra plate served for her as well. Who knows, she’s going to be your next BFF.
The I-Thought-This-Was-a-Party-for-All Guest
The sitch: So, your wedding location happens to be in a well-crowded place where your guests could easily mix in among the others. And these others might find their way to your party unnoticed. And if you get too busy with your legit guests to notice, these strangers might help themselves to your cocktails, and to your cake.
The fix: This is the kind of wedding crasher that should certainly be put out of sight, unlike the above mentioned. While you only have a pair of eyes and your groom/bride another, which isn’t enough to keep an eye on intruders, you can delegate the task of making sure no one uninvited will take advantage of your well-crowded venue, your wedding planner, or some of your bridesmaids/groomsmen. That way, you can focus on the essence of why you are celebrating in the first place.

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