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What You Need To Know About Live Streaming Your Wedding

Mar 28, 2018

You can say that technology has really evolved because your relatives in abroad or your friends in the province can now watch your wedding for free just using the internet.  Live streaming is now becoming popular, be it news or a certain event, it can reach anyone all over the world! Are you planning on live streaming your wedding? Here’s what you need to know!

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Live streaming is the new black

Facebook and Youtube are the most popular websites when it comes to live streaming because almost everyone has an account there.  Live streaming something means anyone can watch it wherever they are, whatever time it is. They can catch up if they missed your wedding.

It is downloadable

The best thing about live streaming is you can download and save the video.  No time to watch it right now because you are off to work? You can download it and watch it in your free time without spending your data.

Will it work in any location?

It will work if your location has a really good internet connection because it uses 3g/4g mobile data network.


You can pick your audience

If you don’t want to go so public you can pick your audience by using the password protection.  They will send you a website link that you can share with your friends and relatives.

It can be done at your ceremony and reception

As long as you have a high-speed internet connection in both places you can do that.  You can ask your vendor for help if you don’t know how to check the internet connection speed.

What is the advantage of live streaming?

If you have many relatives who're living or working in abroad and they will not be able to attend your big day, this is the ultimate solution!  For sure they are going to watch it! This can also be applied to intimate weddings if you want to keep your guest list short.

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