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Wedding Entourage

What You Need to Know About Your Entourage Roles and Responsibilities

Dec 14, 2017

They aren’t just guests who will walk down the aisle before you.  They have responsibilities to do for you and your husband to be.   We have listed the important roles in the entourage and their obligations so you can pick the right person.  No more guessing.


Principal Sponsors

The principal Sponsors are your godparents in your wedding.  They can be your closest aunt and uncle, a couple you admire for their long lasting relationship, and they should be someone who you can ask for marriage advice and can guide you and your partner along the way.

Secondary Sponsors

In catholic weddings, secondary sponsors are the one who will carry the candle, the veil, and the chord which will they also remove after the ceremony.  If you have some close friends who cannot fulfill her responsibilities being a bridesmaid due to personal responsibilities, you can make them walk down the aisle, too, by choosing them as secondary sponsors.

Maid of Honor

Maid of honor is the one you can always go to aside from your bridesmaids, she should be up to the task on helping you find your dress, pick flowers and help you with all the wedding stuff.  If you have a younger sister, she’s the best pick.  Family first before everyone else!

Best Man

Of course if there is a maid of honor there should also be a best man.  He also acts like the maid of honor but for the groom.  He needs to keep the wedding rings safe and should prepare a toast for the reception.  The best man can be the grooms brother or best friend.



These girls will help you throughout your wedding preparation together with your maid of honor; they will help you with the decors, the centerpieces, the venues, foods, almost everything.  So choose your bridesmaids that you know will help you from the heart because preparing for a wedding isn’t just a piece of cake, it’s a lot of job.


They are the ones who walk down the aisle with your bridesmaids and keep the guests on track.  They will also help the best man in his duties, especially for last minute errands and if they need fixing on this and that.  The groom usually choose his groomsmen, it can be his closest friends or family member.

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