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What You Need To Know Before Picking The Right Ring For Your Soon-To-Be Bride

Jul 3, 2018


Finding the best engagement ring can be a bit challenging. Abundance is a good thing, but when you are the one who needs to choose the perfect ring for your bride-to-be, it can be a real piece of work. When there are so many varieties to choose from, deciding on the perfect ring can be a bit onerous. 

Our wedding planners have already heard of this concern one, two, many times from our past clients, and they found these tips to be pretty helpful. 

How much Is the Budget?

Probably the first consideration the guy needs to think about is how much is he willing to spend for to get the best engagement ring? The myth for buying rings is that it should reflect about two to three months’ worth of the guy’s salary.

Of course, this is just a myth, and there really is no historical basis for it. For this one, it is important that the guy should not try to break the bank to get the best engagement ring, especially since the money could be used for other stuff, like for the actual wedding or the honeymoon.

It is imperative not to spend too much but also doesn’t be too cheap about it.

The Different Parts of an Engagement Ring

After considering the budget, it is now important to first learn about the different parts of the proposal ring before deciding on its design. In this way, guys will have more of an idea what kind of ring they are getting for their significant other. 


The different parts of a proposal ring are the head, the prongs, the peg, the mounting or setting, the shoulder, the side stones, and the shank. The head is where the diamond or stone is held and is usually made of gold, while the prongs are a part of the head that holds the diamond. Four or six prongs are usually found on the head.

Another part of the head is the peg, where it is the one keeping the diamond in its place. It is located at the base of the head and drills a hole in the diamond to keep it in place. Not all heads have pegs, though. The setting is the the name for the entire ring minus the diamond, while the shoulder is the portion of the ring that is located beside the stone and is usually where side stones are placed.

Not all rings have side stones, while the shank is the band that is at the bottom of the ring and is the one that wraps around the lady’s fingers. Now that the parts of the ring have been identified, it is now time to consider the design.

Know the Style of Your Lady and the Size of Her Ring Finger

Probably the first consideration needed to be thought about is the kind of style that the bride-to-be has. Guys can ask help from the girl’s sister or parents to help in deciding the best engagement ring that will fit her style.


Guys can also think about the kind of words they will use to describe their lady love; this will help them identify the kind of style their lady has and try to match a ring with it. It is also important that the guy knows the size of the ring finger of his significant other. In this way, he can get a ring that will fit perfectly on his lady’s finger.

What will be the Setting of the Ring

When it comes to the setting of the ring, most people think that gold is the only one that is used and it is available in either yellow gold or white gold. However, this is far from reality, as gold is not the only metal used in designing rings, there is also platinum and palladium, and the shade of gold has more than two colors, as there’s also rose gold.


Platinum is the most durable of the metal used, while palladium is a mixture of gold and platinum. Gold, of course, is the usual go-to setting for getting a ring. For this one, it is important to get a ring that is durable enough to withstand the daily use, since ladies will likely be wearing their ring everyday all-day.

What Kind of Stone will be Used

Usually, for engagement rings, diamonds are the most popular choice for the stone. However, it is not the only option, as there are a lot of precious stones out there other than diamond. The style of the lady will likely play a big role in deciding if the stone will be diamond or something else.


It is important that guys know what kind of ring their partner will likely be comfortable wearing on a daily basis. They can also try using the birthstone of their lady as the stone for the engagement ring. It is also something that is gaining in popularity.

Ensure its Authentication

When a design has been decided it is time for the guy to purchase the ring. When doing this, it is important for the guy to make sure that the engagement ring he is getting is using authentic metals and stones.


Jewelers usually present a GIA certificate for their diamonds to show its authenticity, unless it is a colored diamond, which means it is made in the lab. It is also important for guys to verify where the diamonds are sourced, to avoid condoning the practice of blood diamonds.


Finding the best engagement ring is the most important process a guy will do when he has already decided to propose to the love of his life. This is because the ring will be a symbol of the guy’s promise and intention to the lady.


Choosing the ideal ring can be a daunting task, but with the proper research and information, finding the best engagement ring that can fit the guy’s budget will not be a hard thing to do. It is important to remember that women will appreciate more the sincerity and love of the guy. As long as he really loves her, the lady won’t really mind the kind of ring she will be getting.

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