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What’s Next After Booking Your Ideal Wedding Venue?

Feb 1, 2018

The journey of wedding planning has begun after you book your wedding venue.  If you are having trouble with what to do next, you need to ask your wedding planner!  Or read our list of the things you need to do after booking your wedding venue.

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1. Find your wedding dress

If you haven’t visited the dressmaker yet you better visit him/her right after you book your wedding venue because a wedding dress takes months to make.  And you don’t want them to make it in a rush because it will be more expensive.

2. Have a taste test

If your wedding venue has their own catering services asked them for a taste test but if you want to save money you can order it from their restaurant and pick the ones that interest your taste buds.  If they don’t have, ask them for recommendations, we are sure they have some recommended wedding caterers that they can offer you.

imagePhoto by Juan Carlo the Caterer

3. Hire a wedding photographer and videographer

If these people are professionals it means they get a lot of bookings.  You better book as early as you can if you want them to be your official wedding photographer and videographer.  The early you book, the better.

4. Book your officiant

They get a lot of bookings, too!  Because there are a lot of people getting married.  If you have a favorite officiant, tell him about your wedding details as much as possible.  So that he can adjust his schedule.

5.  Book a florist

You can now imagine the perfect flowers that will match your wedding venue so that means you can now book your florist.  Take a picture of the venue or have him/her visit it so they can help you choose the right flowers for you.

imagePhoto by Flowers of May and Event Styling

6. Book your makeup appointments

Yeah, there are so many people to book.  But don’t forget the one who will magically transform your looks down the aisle.  Book them as early as you could because they aren’t just for weddings, they are for debuts and pageants, too!  They are in demand like that!

7. Pick your invitations

Last but not least, select your preferred wedding invitation and send it to your guests after printing it.  Make sure to have an RSVP so you will know how many people are going to attend your big day.

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