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Where to Get Affordable Wedding Invitations

Jun 14, 2018


Weddings won't go through without a wedding invitation, which is why many couples obsess on how to make them pleasant to the eyes. Unless you intend for your wedding to be top secret then you can go without it. But traditionally, couples expend a huge amount of time thinking of creative concepts for the wedding invitation. If they can't come up with a fantastic design, they usually pay someone to do it. But one thing that is for sure that is that more than anything else, the wedding invitation has to be perfect.

Hiring a professional to do the wedding invitations will certainly be worth the money since you will get a design that not only suits the wedding theme but also complements the whole event. However, a lot of individuals tend to charge too much on the couple, mostly because of high demands. While it is reasonable why some artists insist on higher rates, some of them still charge affordable rates. 

Some couples might have the budget for such extras but don't let that prevent you from exploring other options that offer the same gorgeous wedding invitations that are still affordable.

Some couples are afraid that if they stick to a lower budget for the wedding invitations, they may also wind up with cards that are of low quality. While this may be true up to some extent, there are still affordable yet artistic designs to go around. Check out our tips on how to look for affordable and decent quality wedding invitations. 

Know the Guest List


Figure out how many people you intend to invite to your wedding. A common trend among wedding invitation artists is that they offer lower prices for customers who order bulk wedding cards. 

Compare Prices

Wedding invitation services are abundant in the market. They vary from handmade to the mass produced ones offered at big box stores. Make it a habit to compare prices before you decide on a service.


You might as well start researching online where you will have many options to choose from. After exhausting all your online resources, you can start window shopping for wedding invitations on physical stores. 

Read Reviews

Opinions may differ from person to person but reviews can help you assess if a particular wedding card service is any good. You'll come across invitations that look stellar on photos. Yet, they still got low reviews.


In that case, it could be either the invitations look different upfront or the company simply isn't prompt with their services. Either way, you should weigh whether their service is still worth purchasing. 

Alternative 1: Email Your Invitation


Paperless Post allows users to send out invitations completely free. They have tons of beautiful designs as well. Their designs are also offered in print so you can send a printed version to people who has no internet access. 

Alternative 2: The Elegant Dot

Cost: $17.97 for 50 invitations, plus ink


This big-box store that offers affordable wedding invitations is often overlooked for high-end paper stores. However, they actually have stellar designs in hand. What's more, you can buy their wedding invites and print them at home.

Alternative 3: Follow My Lead

Cost: $18.58 for 100 invitations, plus ink


This five-star reviewed product on Amazon offers simple-bordered invitations are a decent buy if you're looking for canvas. You can leave them as they are - simple and elegant or dress them up!

Alternative 4: Pressed Flowers

Cost: $44 for 100 invitations, plus ink


This affordable wedding invitation comes with sleeves which gives the package a little something to seal and open. It also comes with pressed flowers that add to the invitation's overall look.

Alternative 5: A More Casual Vibe

Cost: $60-$90 for 100 invitations

VistaPrint is a perfect resource for casual feel wedding invites. This provides you with a rustic, whimsical or outdoorsy vibe.

Alternative 6: Foil-Stamped

Cost: $229 for 100 invitations

You can upgrade your invitations with this foil stamped invitations. It does cost a bit more, but still affordable nonetheless. You will find lots of engraved invitations from boutique stores but they are far more expensive than this one. 

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