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Which Wedding Professionals Would You Need to Hire?

Jun 29, 2018


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Most couples tend to go for D.I.Y weddings because they feel that it is the most cost-effective way to go. But they can't be more wrong. Weddings require a lot of preparations, and thus if one goes for D.I.Y there is a huge possibility for them to commit mistakes.

Well, one's wedding is not really the kind of event that you want to be less than perfect. With that, we at BG Bridal Gallery strongly suggest that you let an expert assist you in the wedding planning. There's just one question: what kind of professional should you hire? Our wedding experts have got you covered.

Wedding Planners

Wedding planners are professionals who will help assist in wedding planning from day one up to the last day of the wedding preparation process. They are responsible for every step of the wedding planning such as taking care of the logistics of the event, as well as looking for vendors that suit your style and budget. They may also do the final payments on your behalf and deal with problems whenever they occur.

Day of Wedding Coordinators

Day of wedding coordinators are wedding planners that you hire between eight to three weeks before the wedding day. They do not handle things like the wedding planners do because the shorter the service, the less money required. But, they can really get things into pace especially if you need an extra hand.

Wedding Designers and Stylists

Wedding designers and stylists are responsible for putting things together and making sure that the right ambiance for your wedding is set. They oversee the cohesiveness of every detail from linens, favors, décor and lighting, ceremony programs, and floor plans just to name a few. Some of them even offer stationery and floral design services, so it is imperative to ensure that you get the right packages at the right fees.

Venue Coordinators

Venue coordinators are wedding coordinators that supervise everything that happens in the venue alone. They won’t help on your timetable for the wedding day and won’t take care of your hair and makeup session. They just make sure that everything in the venue is polished.

Catering Managers

Caterers will serve as your menu consultant. They will take care of your preferred main course, dishes and up to the entire beverage to be served. Of course, they will set up menu tasting for you as well. They work with venue coordinators to make your wedding venue set-up as perfect as you want it to be.

Wedding Photographers/Videographers

Taking photos and videos are not as easy as it looks. Well, sure it is easy with the clicks here and there, but it is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and you definitely want to have a high-quality output, and you can only get that from wedding professionals. You would want to remember every single detail, but memory may fail, so it is best to photograph it. Photos are a sort of time capsule. You do not just pay for the skills and materials; you are paying for a lifetime product.

Professional DJs

Professional DJs do not just play your favorite music; they add entertainment to it. You may have a set playlist for your wedding, but DJs will know when exactly to play it. You will be preoccupied with your wedding day to sense what is happening around you, so that is exactly what professionals DJs will do for you—play the right tracks at the right moment.

Florists and Cake Makers

Flowers make the wedding more interesting. It intensifies the mood and the color palette of your wedding designs. You do not need expensive blooms, but you need an excellent arrangement.

The cake is not just for decorations; it holds great significance in a couple’s union. Most of the time, it also exudes your wedding theme—is it rustic, modern, or classic?

Say you can bake, like really good, but do you want to go through all that trouble while you are juggling other things for your wedding? Yes, we know. You do not like that as well.


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