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Who Pays and Plans for Bridal Shower: Etiquette of Bridal Party

May 25, 2018


Traditionally, the bridal shower is one of maid of honor duties—from the initiative of planning down to all the expenses. However, it should not be bear by the maid of honor alone. The bridal party may now be planned and executed by the family members and friends of the bride.

Sometimes, it can be the mothers of the bride and groom, the sisters or even the aunts. They should be the first people to have the privilege to do this along with the maid of honor. In cases where the family member can’t do it; it is the only time that bridesmaid and friends may step in and organize this once-in-a-lifetime event.


Bridal showers used to be really traditional for the purpose of the trousseau. Now, it can be an intimate way of celebrating your engagement with all the important ladies in your life. It may be a chance for you to introduce friends to another circle of friends.

Sometimes, it is nice to make an acquaintance and be a bridge of another blossoming friendship. The bridal shower may be all about the bride, but that does not mean everyone won’t be able to enjoy. It is a part after all! Just make sure that as a maid of honor you communicate with the bride about plans. You do not want to ruin her appointments with her wedding planners.

The Invitation and the Setting

The maid of honor may take care of booking the place and sending out invitations to the bride’s families and friends, usually between 5 to 25 people. But remember, a bridal shower can be simple and casual and does not have to be grand.

Setting the venue somewhere far where everyone needs to take the plane or drive for hours may not really be ideal. Try to ask the bride her preferences. Some brides prefer to do it at home which will lessen the outlay on your part. Sometimes, the mothers also want to co-host and use their houses for the reception. Consider the families’ plans and ideas, too. It should bring a much harmonize bridal party!


The invitation should include the date, time, and location of the shower. You may also add directions if the place is not within the metro and maybe around a nook and alley and may be hard to find. Comprise it with R.S.V.P and information about the bridal shower theme (for the bride: you may give hints to your maid of honor what would you like to have).

It is essential to know who can go or not. It will help you smooth out the plans. The gathering should happen a month or two before the wedding, considering the bride’s schedule. The time length of the bridal shower should not take all day. At this age, garnering different people with different work schedule is tricky. Be mindful of the time of the event and make the invitation contain it if you can settle it with the bride. Two to four hours should be okay.

Another thing the maid of honor should remember is not to ask the guests to share the expense. They will be making time for this occasion, and they will surely bring gifts along with them.

The Food and Games

A bridal shower does not require a buffet or a luncheon. A proper meal is not even served on this occasion. So, do not worry about too many expenses (though, if you fancy something more than the usual, go ahead if that is your way of showing your eternal love to the bride!). Ideally, finger foods or sandwiches are enjoyed during the bridal shower.

It is easier for the maid of honor to direct the event this way. Vegetable platters are a good idea, too. Who can say no to those mouth-watering dip? Well, it is healthy. You can also go for little cakes for deserts. Try to ask the bride what she prefers; you are doing it for her, anyway. Hmm... pizza, anyone? Or, monogrammed bars? The more you make it personalized, the more the bride will be pleased. Expect those tender kisses and hugs!


Meanwhile, for the drinks, everyone would probably love some punch. “Let the shower kick in!” (with no pun intended) Also, it is ideal to laid options for the guests. Leave carafes of juice, lemonade, iced tea or water nestled in ice. It will also make the bar area (if you have one) look more sophisticated. Remember, it does not have to be pricey, but you can always boost the presentation to another level. Prepare teas and coffee as well; you don’t know when they come in handy.

Bridal shower games are not mandatory. Some try to involve a couple or more to make the occasion more exciting and fun. The games can also be a way for guests to be more comfortable with each other. Isn’t it fun to have more familiar faces to see at the wedding? Also, who won’t like a groom and bride trivia game? It may be the highlight of the event!

Gifts and Favors

For the guests: maid of honor may include some clues about the gifts the bride might want to have. And yes, you must give a gift both for the bridal shower and the wedding day itself. It is a different affair and it is just right to have these tokens for the bride. What is the best way to celebrate her engagement and marriage, right? Oh, what friends are for?

Of course, it does not have to be expensive. Though, it would be lovely to match your gifts for the bridal shower and the wedding. The bride will notice that.


The bridal shower may be less formal than the wedding but that does not mean that you will find mediocre gift wraps. This kind of occasion happens once in a while, make sure the memory counts and that memory is worth cherishing!

Also, do not forget to include names on the gifts during the bridal party. It will help the maid of honor organize the opening of gifts better that way. Let us make it easier for her, shall we? She is doing her best to host the event. Let us show her some love as well.

For the maid of honor: Favors are an excellent way to say thank you to the guests for being part of the event. They took time, and made the bride happy, and that what matters the most. On your end, it is just proper to show them your gratitude.


Again, it should not be too costly. They will appreciate it just fine. You may also want to give it the same touch as the bridals’ shower theme. Cohesiveness is the key for a well-organized event. Small boxes of chocolates or scented candles may be good ideas. Coffee mugs and tea mugs would be cute, too!

Sometimes, it is not just about material things. The bridal shower essence is to celebrate one of the most beautiful moments in the life of the bride. How heart-flattering to be a part of that and witness it with your own eyes, right? You may be low maintenance friends or struggling with a long-distance friendship but to be there for her during these times is already a precious gift in itself. Have fun!!!

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