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Whether you believe it or not, the only people you need in your wedding are principal sponsors (in terms of legality, that is). Principal sponsors are better known as your godparents (or ninangs and ninongs). You need to get principal sponsors because they serve as witnesses to your eligibility to get married and to sign the marriage contract. 

Who Can Be Your Principal Sponsors?


Surely, you'd want principal sponsors whom you already have a rapport with. It'd be a good idea to choose people whom you admire or have a close relationship with. 

Most people choose relatives to be their principal sponsors. Another popular option is to make a selection from the most prominent people in your town as your principal sponsors. 

Your relationship with your principal sponsors doesn't end on your wedding. You might want to choose people who are already married so that you can approach them for marriage advice when the need arises. 

How Many Principal Sponsors Do You Need?


Some people would say there is no limit to getting principal sponsors, but they actually mistake this to secondary sponsors. As far as principal sponsors are concerned, you only need one pair. Secondary sponsors are usually classified into four categories: candle sponsors, veil sponsors, coin sponsors, and cord sponsors. You can get multiple secondary sponsors as you see fit. 

You'll benefit from having lots of secondary sponsors in the future, but additional sponsors also mean a longer guest list. A longer guest list will require a bigger budget, but it's all under your discretion. It's your wedding so choose as many sponsors you deem necessary. 

Have you decided on your wedding sponsors yet? How many did you get? We'd love to hear your story. Let us know in the comment section below. 

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