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Who to Hire for Your Wedding: Choosing the Best Wedding Photographers

Jun 27, 2018


Wedding preparations do not only challenge your patience, but it also tests your keen eyes. With other wedding vendors (your planners, florists, DJs, and calligraphers just to name a few), the best wedding photographers are probably the one you need to pay attention the most.

Everyone can probably relate to the online posts that say: “When I take a picture of a friend versus.. *insert a very Instagrammable photo* When they take a picture of me,” *insert a blurred picture*


Photo by Marky Images Studio

That right there is something you do not want to happen on your Big Day. Do you? As a bride and groom, you do not go through all the planning and stress just to look okay in photos. Let alone spending a lot of money on this occasion. You do not choose The Dress and the tuxedo just for best wedding photographers to not capture you in spectacular light.

When you tell to your florists that you want these particular blooms, they can get it for you. If it turns out that you do not like it, you can just let them know you want them changed. When you show your cake decorator your dream cake, they will turn it into a real thing for you. If it does not turn out good, you can find alternatives on how to make it work.


Photo by Marky Images Studio

You see, the thing with best wedding photographers is it feels like you would not really know if you like their work until you see their output. When the pictures from your wedding come out, and you do not like it, you can’t do anything about it. You can’t turn back the time; the momentous day of your life has already passed, and you can no longer take more shots from it.

Wedding photos are something you frame and take pride in a home display. Obviously, they are not just objects; they are memories to be cherished. There is no take two, so make sure you think through of these things before you settle for a photographer.

Do Not Be Indecisive

Seriously, this is the focal point of choosing anything. Most of the time, it is hard for us to decide because we have that indecisiveness in us.


You know what you want but you are afraid that it might turn out bad and you do not want to admit to yourself that you made the wrong choice.

If you can surpass this and all the negative thoughts (we all think that way even before we see the things through the end) you may now proceed to the next step. But really, you do not have a choice but to overcome this.

Look through Portfolios

The best wedding photographers know how to tell a story. They should not just capture the physical attributes of the subject; they should also be able to dig deep and hit the core.

Photography is another form of art; you should see through their portfolios what their best shots are. Literally and figuratively. Be mindful of the setting of the photography as well. It will help you determine the skills when it comes to bright or dark places. You could tell how they play with brightness, contrasts, and hues through their photos.

Call a Friend

Some best wedding photographers should get many recommendations. Try to ask friends and your relatives if they know a great photographer that you can hire on your wedding day.


In this case, word of mouth holds greats importance. They would not suggest it if it is not good, right?

Just make sure that you only take the kind of comment that has affirmation like “they are outstanding!” not unsure ones that will tell you to “try them” because they “heard” they are good. The one who is telling you about the photographer should have the end-product because only them have the right to have that judgment.

Ask Directly About the Expertise

If after checking their portfolio and you still can’t decide if you like their style or not, ask them what their expertise is.


On your end, be honest with them what you really want. Tell them the venue of your wedding, and you may question them what kind of photography they can visualize.

The best wedding photographers can sense the atmosphere and the right angles before they even see the whole picture because they are the ones who complete the puzzle, anyway. If you like the imagery they give you, then you can trust that they can deliver it to you as exactly as how you want it.


Photo by Dream Image Photography Studio

Remember, the best wedding photographers capture the right moment at the right time. It is just like you and your partner’s first laid eyes on each other—the perfect timing. Maybe it is fate; perhaps it is not. Though one thing is for sure, you have the choice. You always have. Always give it your best shot.

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