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Why Does It Matter How Long You've Been Dating Before Getting Engaged?

Jul 10, 2018


In today’s digital age, dating has become more complicated than it ever was. Sure, communications are easier because of the different ways we can send messages and call each other. Ironically, there are times that these are also becoming a barrier for us to connect more personally. 

In this era, different dating terms go around now like ghosting, benching, and "caspering" just to mention a few. There is also this term called, "matrimania," which means excessive enthusiasm for marriages and weddings that often annoy single friends. It probably applies to the newly engaged and those who are in long relationships.

Now, does it really matter how long you have been dating before you get engaged? The answer might vary depending on the couple.

In astrology, we may have the same sun sign, but our moon sign may be different. It is when individuality comes in. No couple is ever alike just as every individual is unique. The similarity is there, but certain circumstances make things different. 


There are newly engaged couples who dive into an engagement after one to two years of dating. It is not just about the length of time that you have been together, but it is more about the range of experiences you shared together. These life cycles issues can include the wedding of a friend or a loss of a family member. These different circumstances may happen in a short span of time, but the moments weigh so much that couples see how much they can rely and depend on each other.

However, some couples jump into the newly engaged phase just after a few months of dating. It is said that couples have a romantic love timeline that lasts from two days to 26 months. After this phase, they will start entering the conflict and struggle phase. While there is no right timeframe for when you should get into an engagement relationship, you might want to see how you two deal with conflicts first and how you compromise when things do not go on your way. Naturally, you will encounter more of it as you go along with the relationship, but if you're already sure even with a short amount of time together, why not?

Don't be pressured!

No matter how much the families and friends tell the couples that they are taking it "too fast" or "why it is taking you so long?", that should be irrelevant. They can gush about it all they want, but still, it should depend on the couple. Getting engaged is not something couples just can go for because the outside parties are telling them to. Some newly engaged couples consider these things before they think it is time for them to take it to the next level.


Talk about money.

Newly engaged couples should be open about their finances. Money should not be an issue, but there are times that it is. Before you decide on getting married, make sure you are open about each other’s savings and debts. It may not seem a huge deal right now, but in the long run, it might be.

Talk about the future.

Obviously, you can’t be in a serious relationship if you have not talked about your future together yet. It is like the door that opens up the possibility of being together for the rest of your life. It is essential that you discuss where you want to live and raise your own family or who would be in charge of this and that.


Share each other’s dreams and ambitions.

Newly engaged couples know their dreams and ambitions. You do not necessarily have to share the same goals in life. A healthy relationship does not hinder achieving individual goals; you both should cheer each other on.

So when is the right time?

You know it will be a "Yes!" if the right time comes. Maybe it's intuition, but whatever it may be, if you feel it is the right time, it is undoubtedly the right time. Make sure that you are saying yes for all the right reasons.

In life, some people do not achieve their dreams at a young age; sometimes, it takes them longer. It doesn't mean that they are being left behind, though. Everyone has their own clock, even the alignment of stars when we were born are different from one another. It goes the same in the relationship; do not enter an engagement just because it's what's expected. Do it because both of you are ready for it.

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