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Why Outdoor Weddings Are Fun

May 17, 2018

There are a ton of stuff you could do within a walled wedding venue, but they’re not unlimited. Those walls exist for a reason, and while a church (or castle) wedding has its charms, sometimes you want to break out of all the confines during the most significant day of your life.


The thing about choosing an out of doors backdrop for your wedding is that it is its decoration. Other than setting up chairs and tables and sprucing up the spot where you want to make your I-Do’s, nature does the rest of the job of making the wedding beautifully unforgettable.

But there are actually loads of other reasons why outdoor weddings are fun. You can:

Model it up with outdoor photography


There’s nothing better than natural lighting to accentuate how lovely that white dress is for you. Grab your bridesmaids to complement not just you but also the picturesque surroundings, and you’ll surely compile a photo album worth browsing again and again down the years. Oh, but don’t forget your groom!


Photo by: Betty Uy Lifestyle Photography

Play around with the décor

There are many sweet and dreamy ideas out there to match whatever outdoor setting you’ve chosen—colorful and flowing curtains for the beach, for instance, or prettily weathered boards, signs, and chairs for a rustic garden wedding.


Photo by: Bizu Catering Studio

Set up other fun activities for the guests other than the reception proper

There’s sure to be plenty of space available for children (and even adults!) to play games in, so you won’t have to be constricted with your choices. Set up a fun photo booth in sync with your chosen outdoors backdrop, or rent horses or bicycles which you can all use to explore the place—or just to take more pictures.

Know that outdoor weddings aren’t limited to warm weathers either. What a white wedding with pristine crystals is gently falling is a dream all on its own. And just like during spring and summer fairs, nighttime transforms a winter wedding party the moment the fairy lights are switched on. There are many reasons why outdoor weddings are fun, but whatever the season or natural backdrop you choose for yours, it is guaranteed to be a magical experience.

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