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Why Wedding Vendors Won't Give You a Price

May 8, 2018

As consumers, nothing is more frustrating than the moment when you eye something you want to purchase but see that the tag has been ripped off. For those of us who refuse social interaction as much as possible, we begrudgingly approach a salesperson about it, only to be either rejected or ignored. They would not budge unless you agree to have them provide the good or service which you will later have to pay for. It seems like a cruel scam, but it is a smart ploy that has you paying for something more than you have agreed to.

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When in the process of planning an event like a wedding, anything could induce stress—the venue, the decorations, the flowers, the catering. Paying upon availing of such goods and services only add more to the already present pressure, so many planners opt to go for their trusted business partners and service providers, avail of the services now, and then pay for them later. It sounds smart, but this is a system that has long been in play in industries like culinary arts or hotel management. Sitting down at your chosen table, ordering from the table menu, getting your food, and then paying last—does it not sound like an all too familiar scheme?

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Because of this scheme, many vendors refuse to tell you the price of their products. They understand that you want the best for your event but that you can’t deal with the expenses at the same time, so they provide you with their best and offer you to pay later without informing you of their base rates. This grants them the opportunity to mark up the prices of the services provided, urging you to pay more than what should have been unfair.

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