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Why You Should Prefer Many Moons after the Wedding

Jun 26, 2018


Tying the knot can be taxing, but it is also gratifying; mostly if you think of what comes next—the honeymoon. When the never-ending celebrations and tiring ceremonies cease, you can finally have time to spend some of your precious moments in a private and romantic escapade with your spouse away from the eyes of both of your relatives and friends.


Honeymoons change so drastically that losing track of the thing is almost natural. This time and age, there is now a new trend that millennials prefer the most—the many moons. Probably you have heard of early moons, mini moons, buddy moons and of course honeymoons, right? Well today, studies show that many newlywed couples are enjoying most of their free time by having many moons over the ones mentioned.

But, what are these “many moons” by the way?

Many moons are not like the usual two-week trip to an attractive destination or month-long venture. It is more of taking short and recurring trips over the course of the newlywed's first year as a couple. Mini vacations come to mind once you have heard of this. Unlike in honeymoons, you have to prepare a long list of things you want to do in a short time frame, and that might put you under pressure.


Remember, when taking a vacation, it is important to seize every second you get together. Also, you can do all the things you really want without mixing it up with what your partner wants because it is like an “everyday honeymoon.” Satisfying both of your needs and wants, without chasing time, is the benefit of many moons.


With that being said, here are the reasons why you should prefer many moons after your Big Day.

It Saves Budget

Some newlywed couples think about postponing their honeymoon because making wedding preparations is indeed quite a big deal to their pocket. Well, in many moons, you will undoubtedly tend to expend less when you take short and close-to-home trips than to have an extended getaway in grand places. This way, you can deposit all your cash gifts into a savings account and withdraw it once you engage in various journeys with short schedules that are sweet nonetheless.

You Can Visit All The Places You Want to Go

Unlike in honeymoons, you can just go into one perfect destination and make the most out of it. As time changes, newlywed couples do not want to only sit in the same place. Millennials tend to be more adventurous and spontaneous today. These many moons phenomenon will help you to travel more; to do more! Just be sure to go to places you have never been before, so things will be more exciting.


If you love hiking and mountain climbing, you can do this with your spouse by going to the Rocky Mountains. In case you love to have a cozy and comfortable beach, just go to your favorite beach resort or research for the ones you have not visited yet. If you like to visit historical places and properties (vintage is gold, by the way), do it! The sky is the limit. Uhm, how about parachuting or skydiving?

As per experts’ advice, it is a wise choice for newlyweds to go for many moons at weekends and official holidays to bring the most out of their adventures rather than to seek one place and have a week-long staycation.

In that way, you can also accrue some of your vacation leave to your future trips! It is beneficial to have these many moons since you will have more time to travel. Who does not love to travel, right? 

You and Your Loved One Will Induce Creativity

Creativity comes when the small budget gets into the picture. You can create things that you and your loved one has never done before. Be innovative and use your resources wisely. Go fishing, do camping, book a great tourist spot in your own country or visit a unique site. Some newlywed couples travel to some temples or churches because they crave solemn and serenity.


As the adage goes, marriage is not rice in the hot pot that when you eat and get burned, you can just spit it out. So, it is always vital for all couples to have quality time together.

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We bet that you want more adventures and moments to cherish with the love of your life. It is wiser to have these many moons if that is what you want. But you know everything feels perfect as long as you are content and happy with someone you are in a relationship. You do not have to necessarily travel the world because your world is right beside you. 

Have you considered doing "many-moons" after your wedding? Share and let us know your thoughts by commenting down below! 
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